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ASGCU presidential candidate Suji Shin shared her platform and focus for the campus election. Shin, a sophomore, is running with junior ASGCU multicultural director Samara “Samy” Carlon as her vice-presidential running mate. Shin’s responses and more details on her ticket are included below.

The ASGCU presidential debate takes place today (Feb. 19) at 6 p.m. at Antelope Gym. Voting is open Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 20-21) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Thunder Alley.

Click here for an overview of the ASGCU election and here to view the opposing candidates.

Suji Shin (at left in photo)
Running for: ASGCU president.
Age: 21.
Year/Major: Sophomore/Business Management and Health Care Administration
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea.
ASGCU background: Freshman class council and outreach ministry.

What motivated you to run for the opportunity to represent GCU?

Our love for people drives our words, actions and decisions, which was a huge factor in both of us running for these leadership roles. We came together with the same vision, mission and desire to create an impact. We want to be able to help and bring joy to others through these leadership positions. It is our hope to continue to foster relationships within the GCU community and serve the students by being engaged, approachable and available.

What are some initiatives you would like to accomplish next year if elected as student body president?

Bringing community to form unity among students is our main focus. As the school is growing it can be difficult to bring the student body together. We want to ensure that students feel cared for and that they are part of the GCU community. We want to come up with new ways to keep the residents and the commuters in the loop. With clubs and organizations on campus, we would like to focus on helping them by providing better resources to either establish new ones or to develop an existing club.

Samara “Samy” Carlon
Running for: ASGCU vice president.
Age: 21.
Year/Major: Junior/Business Management and Sociology.
Hometown: Mexico City and Peoria.
ASGCU background: ASGCU multiculturalism director and activities team member.

In what areas do you feel students are being under-served on campus?

We feel that even though many beneficial and entertaining events are offered at GCU, students are not being informed effectively. Therefore, marketing is one of the areas that could be improved. This entails coming up with new and innovative methods of reaching and informing the students. The first weeks of school students really pay attention to flyers, but as the year progresses they become overloaded and lose interest. There are many other forms of communication that could be used to better serve the students.

What experience do you possess that you believe makes you an ideal candidate to represent the GCU community?

I have been involved in student council since the  fourth grade. My first year at GCU, I had an opportunity to be a part of the Freshmen Class Council. It gave me the chance to learn how ASGCU works and meet new people, while serving students on campus. This year God’s been opening my eyes to those in need in the surrounding community of GCU by placing me in the local outreach ministry team. This has helped me pursue God and His plan even more for my life. These two positions allowed me to work with Student and Spiritual Life at GCU, where I am currently employed as junior enrollment adviser. I value every position I have been in and now I am challenging myself by running for student body president.

What do you believe voters need to know about you?

Our slogan, “Because you matter, because we care,” is something that we really take to heart. We felt that this portrayed the transparency, passion and commitment we have for students. Running for these two positions, we have been absolutely amazed and humbled by all of the love and support that we’ve been receiving. It pushes us to work harder and fuels our desire to win. We feel ready and excited to embrace these two positions if given the opportunity.

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