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ASGCU presidential candidate Jordan Hester shared her thoughts on how she would represent students as the leader of student government. Hester is running with fellow junior Jenna Chittenden as her vice-presidential running mate. Hester’s responses and more details on her ticket are included below.

The ASGCU presidential debate takes place today (Feb. 19) at 6 p.m. at Antelope Gym. Voting is open Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 20-21) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Thunder Alley.

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What issues are tops on your agenda?

Jordan Hester (at left in photo)
Running for: ASGCU president.
Age: 21.
Year/Major: Junior/Nursing.
Hometown: Cottonwood.
ASGCU background: ASGCU activities team director and member.

As this campus continues to grow, I plan to ensure the sense of community on campus doesn’t get left behind by preserving the future of ASGCU so that students in leadership positions will continue to serve on this campus. As president, I see ASGCU as a strong foundation to prepare younger leadership students for the future.

What initiatives would you like to accomplish next year if elected?

As student body president, my goal is to create student unity and a fun college campus by pouring into ASGCU and the other leaders, increasing the magnitude of events and continuing to be the voice of students to the administration. I think it is important to keep the foundation of our school centered on God because we all have Him to thank for being where we are today.

How do you intend to implement your plan in conjunction with the university and foster the relationship between administration and students?

I plan to be very intentionally relational with not only students but also with the administration on campus. By building those relationships, I can create an extended sense of community between administration and students.

Jenna Chittenden
Running for: ASGCU vice president.
Age: 21.
Year/Major: Junior/Nursing.
Hometown: Tempe.
ASGCU background: ASGCU student relations director, oversaw freshman class council, and also served on activities team.

What experience makes you an ideal candidate to represent the GCU community?

I started my sophomore year on the ASGCU activities team and was then promoted to activities director second semester. My junior year I continued to serve as the activities director. As the activities director, I plan and oversee events such as lip sync, battle of the sexes, java jams, movies on the lawn, the Mr. GCU pageant and more. My experience has taught me how to lead others and how the different ASGCU teams work together to bring community to GCU.

What do you believe voters need to know about you?

The top five things more important to me than watching an eagle soar into a sunset are:

1.      I can Harlem Shake

2.      I support the stray cats on campus

3.      I taught my parents how to tie their shoes

4.      My favorite dinosaur is the velociraptor.

5.      ASGCU is where my heart is and I am excited for what the future holds.

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