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Feeding frenzy: Campus dining options expand to 31

August 13, 2019 / by / 0 Comment

This just in. Seven, count ’em, SEVEN new dining options are opening for the new semester. Canyon Pizza Co. in the Student Union has created a big buzz, offering slices for a thrifty $2.75 with fresh ingredients. Managers there say they will be listening to customers on new pizza combinations to add throughout the year. Another big Student Union addition is Lopacellis Pasta, which promises large portions. Other trends include a move to healthy options on menus, led by the new Purple Greens on the second floor of GCU Arena, where you can build your own bowl or have fresh-pressed juices. “Our chefs have knives, not scissors,” said John Milleson, Sodexo’s Resident District Manager. “Chefs with scissors cut tops off and dump in the product. There are no microwaves in my operation, and you have to look hard to find a pair of scissors.”