Meet the Blind Month

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Honors student wins Federation of the Blind award

October 30, 2019 / by / 1 Comment

Brian Mucyo’s Senior year at GCU is jam-packed with responsibilities connected to his passions, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Mucyo was recently selected as the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona’s Award and scholarship recipient, as well as taking a seat on the Arizona Association of Blind Students board. October is meet the blind month and Mucyo hopes to help spread awareness of issues that affect people with visual impairments. “The thing that makes this award kind of special to me is that it’s an award where sure, I’m being recognized for the things I do, the effort I put into school and the passion I have for everything that I do but it’s not one of those awards that I’ll be getting where it kind of leads with ‘despite the fact that he’s blind these are all the things he’s doing and that’s so incredible that’s why we’re giving it to him.’” Mucyo said. “To me I feel like it’s affirming that what makes me special isn’t that I’m blind and somehow overcame it, no it’s just who I am as a person.”