Meet the Tempe Educators basketball team


D.J. Harris

Hometown: Porter, Okla.
Position at GCU: COE enrollment counselor.
Favorite basketball players: Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Michael Jordan.
On Peoria’s chances: Tempe knows there is no “i” in “team.” But there is one in “win.”

Lolita V. Jefferson

Hometown: Philadelphia.
Position at GCU: Doctoral ECM.
Favorite basketball player: Julius Erving.
On Peoria’s chances: I can’t speak of anything I don’t have knowledge of.

Jay Welch

Hometown: South Central Los Angeles.
Position at GCU: International EC.
Favorite basketball player: Magic Johnson.
On Peoria’s chances: One in a trillion.


● Britt Chandler

Hometown: Lodge Grass, Mont.
Position at GCU: COE RDO.
Favorite basketball player: Blake Griffin.
Basketball ability: Slow but steady.
On Peoria’s chances: We will see.

● Brian W.

Hometown: Not given.
Position at GCU: EC COE.
Favorite basketball player: Barry Sanders.
Basketball ability: Never played.
On Peoria’s chances: My understanding is that they are taller, more athletic and more experienced. So … pretty good.

● Sarah Hays

Hometown: Tucson.
Position at GCU: Enrollment counselor for COE Central Division.
Favorite basketball players: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan.
Basketball ability: Power forward with strong post game. Can shoot the three.
On Peoria’s chances: All I know is that we will bring it. ’Nuff said!

● Nick Devine

Hometown: Mondovi, Wis.
Position at GCU: Enrollment manager.
Favorite basketball player: Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues.
Basketball ability: A bulldog on defense. I never quit, and don’t leave me open.
On Peoria’s chances: Who is Peoria?

Clement Smith

Hometown: Fargo, N.D.
Position at GCU: International enrollment counselor.
Favorite basketball player: Lisa Leslie.
Basketball ability: I play better with my shirt off and ladies in the stands.
On Peoria’s chances: C’mon, man …

James Renwick

Hometown: Pleasantville, N.Y.
Position at GCU: Whatever is asked of me.
Favorite basketball player: Michael Jeffrey Jordan.
Basketball ability: Not a lot to say. I’m in pain most of the time.
On Peoria’s chances: Based on a mathematical formula consistent with sabermetric formulas first developed in the 1970s by Dr. Joseph Bernard at MIT and Dr. Sylvia Bratham at Cal Poly Pomona, Team Tempe would be favored by 3.63 points per 100 possessions in a full-court game that uses the aggregate limits designed by Drs. Bratham and Bernard. But this doesn’t account for the wind.

Chris Hatch

Hometown: Greenford, Ohio.
Position at GCU: Winner.
Favorite basketball player: Ryan Eberts.
Basketball ability: I’ll show up.
On Peoria’s chances: Really good. They’ll probably win. Good luck, Peoria!

Mark Rodriguez

Hometown: Phoenix.
Position at GCU: ECM.
Favorite basketball player: Steve Nash.
Basketball ability: Deadly from beyond the arc.
On Peoria’s chances: Everyone has a chance to win the lottery, but their odds are similar.

Scott Gianninoto

Hometown: Tucson.
Position at GCU: Doctoral specialist in College of Doctoral Studies.
Favorite basketball player: Jeremy Lin.
Basketball ability: High basketball IQ. Can play inside and outside.
On Peoria’s chances: It will be a tough game, but our superior conditioning will win out.

Scott Arneson

Hometown: Tempe.
Position at GCU: Enrollment counselor.
Favorite basketball players: Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose.
Basketball ability: Rebounding and defense.
On Peoria’s chances: No chance as long as we play as a team.

● Nick Holladay

Hometown: Mesa.
Position at GCU: AC.
Favorite basketball player: Marcin Gortat.
Basketball ability: Slow but effective.
On Peoria’s chances: If we play our game, none.

● Dominique Willis

Hometown: Seattle.
Position at GCU: Enrollment.
Favorite basketball player: Dennis Rodman.
Basketball ability: I have the unique ability to run down the court without passing out.
On Peoria’s chances: Why is this question being asked?

Mark Glazier

Hometown: Phoenix.
Position at GCU: Enrollment manager.
Favorite basketball player: Michael Jordan.
Basketball ability: Kind of like “shake and bake.”
On Peoria’s chances: The same chance that the University of Phoenix has of retaining its students.

Ryan Eberts

Hometown: Phoenix.
Position at GCU: Enrollment.
Favorite basketball player: Isiah Thomas.
Basketball ability: I’m old and skinny.
On Peoria’s chances: Excellent! Just ask them.

Jamaal Barbee

Hometown: Albuquerque, N.M.
Position at GCU: EC.
Favorite basketball player: Michael Jordan.
Basketball ability: OK.
On Peoria’s chances: Not sure who they are.

Matthew Nalan

Hometown: Sheffield, Iowa.
Position at GCU: Regional director of operations, College of Education, Northwest Region.
Favorite basketball player: Shaquille O’Neal.
Basketball ability: Not what it used to be.
On Peoria’s chances: If they play as well as they talk, they might have a chance.


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