GCU INsider: Canyon Pizza, the CAC, and so much more

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There’s always something new at GCU, but what’s the most exciting change?

That’s easy – pizza is a staple of any teen or twentysomething diet, and Welcome Week will feature phase one of the opening of Canyon Pizza Co. in the Student Union. Even more importantly, it will be another student-run business, same as GCBC. The plan is to have customers submit their recommendations for pizza combinations that will be incorporated into rotating special features on the menu. Yes, there will be pizza by the slice, and watch for many more features as the menu is rolled out.

INsider tip: “Everything is going to be done based on the students’ recommendations. They’re able to submit their recipes, their suggestions, their ideas of what they would like to see. It’s going to be student-driven, student-led because we want to create something that they want to come to and is their vision.”

Melanie Schissel, General Manager, Canyon Pizza Co., and a GCU graduate

How else are students influencing the food scene on campus?

Canyon 49 Grill has a new student general manager, Karen Madlock, and also has a new menu (the Country Nachos and Sriracha Burger are a must-try). This is another opportunity to see what the can-do GCU student spirit is all about, and it’s ideal if a student or employee wants a meal to be a little something extra without costing a lot extra. Like any other eatery on campus, students can use their Dining Dollars at the Grill.

INsider tip: “I think this really is what students are looking for. They want to get waited on, have a little bit of an adult-like experience.”

Brett Cortright, General Manager, GCU Hotel and Canyon 49 Grill

What campus improvement will impact students as much as the new food options?

Students waiting for those online shopping packages or care boxes from Mom … rejoice! There’s a much bigger Mail Center to make things faster and easier to be picked up. It’s located in the northwest corner of the new parking garage at 31st Avenue and Camelback Road (Building 44).

INsider tip: “Come in as early as possible – we open at 8 a.m. – and wait for the Mail Center notification before you come in. Have your identification handy and, if you have it, your tracking information.”

Stephanie Salas, Campus Mail Operations Supervisor

Spiritual enlightenment is a major part of the GCU experience. What are the best ways to worship together?

Chapel, at 11:15 a.m. every Monday in GCU Arena, is a great way to start the week, and students also fill Antelope Gym at 8 p.m. on Tuesdays for The Gathering. Chapel brings in outside speakers, for the most part, and the talks at The Gathering are usually by GCU staff members, but the messages at both are meaningful and uplifting.

INsider tip: “At The Gathering, people aren’t rushing out to go to class or jobs or lunch afterward. There’s much more of an opportunity afterward to hang out, debrief and spend time with other students, which, from what I’ve observed, our students really value about that experience.”

Danielle Rinnier, Director of Spiritual Life

There are lots of other gathering spots on campus, and the newest (and biggest, by far) is the Canyon Activity Center. What’s happening there?

With its 10 basketball courts, expansive seating area, outdoor hockey rink and workout and band rooms, the CAC, as it’s called, already had provided students with plenty of things to do. But new this year is the rock-climbing wall, set to open during Welcome Week, and also in the works are fire pits and other areas to sit outside and socialize.

INsider tip: “Here in Phoenix we have fantastic weather for most of the school year. As a result, students love connecting on the fields, Lopes Way and other locations around campus. Having these amenities by the Canyon Activity Center and Colter Fields will be a great asset, especially as we continue to spread to the east.”

Matt Hopkins, Director of Residence Life

Dan Majerle

How will the men’s basketball team change this season?

With an influx of new talent from transfers who sat out last season (Isiah Brown, Mikey Dixon and J.J. Rhymes) and new point guards Jovan Blacksher Jr. (freshman from Phoenix) and Jaylen Fisher (transfer from TCU), the GCU men’s basketball team could become a blur this season. The Lopes go from being one of the nation’s tallest rosters last season to one of the speediest this season.

INsider tip: “I’m very excited about Jaylen joining our team and making us tougher. He’s played at a high level. He’s really talented. With him and Jovan and their competitive will and defense, we’ll have two bulldogs for point guards.”

–GCU coach Dan Majerle

What shade of purple does GCU use?

It’s called PMS 267, and you can find plenty of it (of course!) at the Lope Shop, which will roll out anime versions of Thunder on socks, hats, pins, T-shirts and key chains during Welcome Week to celebrate GCU’s “national championship” in the Tokyodachi contest. And there’s other big news: All of the Lope Shop’s basic sports tees are being switched to Nike, and there also will be a few new brands – Camp David, Antigua and Blue 47 – coming into the store.

INsider tip: “Nike is by far our best-selling brand. Students, alumni and fans all buy it. We are giving the students what they want – more Nike!”

Shelly Schrimpf, Assistant Director of Campus Retail & Licensing

What’s in the script for Ethington Theatre’s 2019-20 season?

Laughs. Lots of laughs. Right from the start with “One Man, Two Guvnors,” which debuts Aug. 23, the focus will be on plays that are on the lighter side. Thus, the theme: “The Sky Is the Limit.” “Arms and the Man” and “The Drowsy Chaperone” also are comedies, and even the usual Shakespeare offering (“The Tempest”) will mix in some comic themes. The season also includes a family show (“A Year with Frog and Toad”).

INsider tip: “It is a season of varied and exciting different styles of comedies.”

Claude Pensis, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Production

What’s another example of following through on student requests?

Students have four new Pay to Print locations on campus: Engineering Building, third floor faculty office; Technology Building, third floor faculty office; Fine Arts and Production Building, administration office; and Colangelo College of Business Building, first floor administration office.

INsider tip: “By adding more locations for Pay to Print, students have more flexibility in their ability to utilize quiet spaces around campus, either as an individual or as a group. This ensures that students can complete academic work regardless of where their classes are located on campus and at times that are convenient for them. The University was happy to implement this request by the students.”

Dr. Jennifer Lech, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs

What is Brian Mueller’s go-to GCBC drink?

Out of the multitude of drink combinations at the campus coffeehouse, the GCU President goes with the Iced Americano (an espresso served over ice). Why? “Because it’s cold, which is important when it’s hot outside, and because it contains no milk or sugar,” he said. “In the afternoons, between meetings, I’ll often grab a GCBC K-cup when I need a quick cup of coffee.”

INsider tip: Then there’s Stampede, GCBC’s popular energy drink – which comes with the choice of 25 flavored syrups.“You could get one every day for five years and not have the same combination twice.”

Brennan Williams, General Manager, GCBC


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