CLA Student Success Webinars for October

The Center for Learning and Advancement offers a series of webinars to prime students for success in university academics.

The following webinars are available at the given dates and are from 3 to 3:30 p.m.

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Effective Research Strategies Webinars
10/5/10                Research Strategies 1
Effective Online Research Techniques

  • Demonstrates how to use effective search techniques when searching online, as well as what to look for when evaluating websites.

10/6/10                Research Strategies 2
Writing a University Research Paper

  • Identifies the step by step process to writing a research paper at the university level

10/7/10                Research Strategies 3
Navigating the GCU Library

  • This webinar will walk you through the library resources available in Grand Canyon University’s online or traditional libraries.

The Writing Process Webinars
10/12/10              The Writing Process 1
Phase One: Pre-Writing

  • Focuses on identifying the purpose of the paper, writing a solid thesis statement, gathering information, and organizing an outline.

10/13/10              The Writing Process 2
Phase Two: Beginning to Write

  • Demonstrates how to take an outline to a paragraph format and how to appropriately use in text citations. It will highlight how to write a dynamic introduction, revise for powerful language, smooth transitions, and solid sentence structure.

10/14/10              The Writing Process 3
Phase Three: Finish and Submit the Assignment

  • Illustrates how to format the paper in APA or MLA format, how to accurately cite resources and use turn it in to check for plagiarism before submitting it in ANGEL.

Study Skills Webinars
10/19/10              Study Skills 1
Developing Good Study Skills: “Habits of Mind”

  • Allows students to assess their current study effectiveness
  • Teaches students how to increase university success through the Habits of Mind by setting action-specific goals

10/20/10              Study Skills 2
Increasing Memory

  • This webinar will teach students specific strategies to increase short term and long term memory retention.

10/21/10              Study Skills 3
Study Tools for Successful Learning

  • Illustrates several specific tools for studying that help with learning content in a university setting.

Note-taking Webinars
10/26/10                Effective Note taking 1
Classroom Participation

  • Discusses how to develop effective listening strategies, how to avoid bad listening habits, and how to increase participation and improved concentration while in class.

10/27/10                Effective Note taking 2
Note Taking: Before-During- After the Lecture

  • Demonstrates how to take effective notes from a textbook and how to prepare before entering the classroom.

10/28/10                Effective Note Taking 3
Techniques for Quality Note taking

  • Provides specific note taking techniques and strategies that will help improve comprehension, assist in staying actively engaged in learning, and help prepare for university exams.

Contact the CLA for tutoring services or ideas about ways to increase your academic success. Visit its web site at or email [email protected].


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