Trust issues? Only 1 place to turn, Talley says

John Talley III of Roosevelt Community Church tackled one of the biggest issues in the world today -- the lack of trust -- in his Chapel talk Monday. (Photo by Caitlin Graves)

Chapel livestream

Trust me.

Two little words.

One big problem these days: People hear those words and get cynical. The world doesn’t trust anymore.

John Talley III, Executive Pastor of Mission and Vision for Roosevelt Community Church in Phoenix, addressed that sad state of affairs in Chapel on Monday morning at Grand Canyon University Arena.

But he suggested a simple solution.

Capitalize “Me.”

Trust Me … as in God.

“The Lord will direct your paths when you fully trust Him,” Talley said.

Talley considers the Book of Proverbs "practical wisdom literature." (Photo by Caitlin Graves)

The 2015 GCU graduate based his talk on Proverbs 3:5-7:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to Him,
    and He will make your paths straight.
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
    fear the Lord and shun evil.

And he acknowledged that a lack of trust is common in today’s culture.

“It’s hard to put our confidence in something because we’ve been let down before,” he said.

That’s why he encouraged his audience to read the Book of Proverbs, which he called “practical wisdom literature.”

Solomon, son of David, is believed to have written the book, and Talley likes the fact that it’s in a “fatherly tone.” Maybe that’s what we need more of these days.

"The more we understand God," Talley said, "the more we trust Him." (Photo by Caitlin Graves)

Talley noted two reasons why Proverbs is a book we can trust.

First, he said, God is worthy of your wholehearted trust.

“The more we understand God,” Talley said, “the more we trust Him.”

And why is that? Talley listed several reasons:

  • God is in control of everything. “Can you imagine a world if God wasn’t in control?” Talley wondered.
  • God is not surprised by anything.
  • God cannot lie.

We look up to famous people – actors, musicians, athletes, etc. – and then they let us down, Talley said.

“You’re not going to find anything about God’s character that will make you not trust Him,” he added.

Madison Russell leads students in worship before Talley's talk. (Photo by Caitlin Graves)

Talley pointed out the six declarations in those three verses of Proverbs:

  • Trust the Lord.
  • Do not lean on your own understanding.
  • Acknowledge Him.
  • Do not be wise in your own eyes.
  • Fear the Lord.
  • Turn from evil.

Reason No. 2 to trust God's Word: He is the God who makes your paths straight.

It’s not crooked or a maze, Talley said. But it’s narrow. You’ve got to follow the path carefully. It’s not that easy.

Talley compared God to a GPS that will never steer you wrong. (Photo by Abby Flesher)

Talley told the story of a time his GPS took him to an abandoned building.

“When it comes to God’s GPS tracking system, He will never take you to the wrong place,” he said.

But …

“God will guide your steps only when you trust Him.”

And …

“To trust in Jesus is also to obey Him.”

Nov. 21 (online only): Check GCU's YouTube page for link.
Nov. 28 (11 a.m., GCU Arena): Guest speaker is Noemi Chavez; Revive Church; Long Beach, California

But it all comes down to this, Talley said:

“He is the only one who is trustworthy.”

In his closing prayer, Talley referenced a simple verse, 1 Peter 5:7:

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

He cares.

Trust Him.

Simple as that.

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