GCU Today Magazine - November 2017

H GCU MAGAZ I NE • 9 He thought he would become a teacher and a coach, but something inside told him to take some business classes in college. Three years later, Jerry Colangelo was starting a career in the business of professional sports. Let’s see now … how did that work out? But arguably the most famous person in the history of Arizona — and certainly the most industrious — also might be the best educator. So here he is today, connected at the hip to Grand Canyon University, once again turning serendipity into success, once again having the time of his life. At last, the teacher is in the classroom. “I love being on the campus,” he said. “I love being around young people. That helps keep you young. “This came along at the right time in my life. I think it’s been a win-win.” The victories, as they have for Colangelo during his tenure as the head of USA Basketball and owner of the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks and numerous other sports franchises, have come at his typical brick-by-brick pace. He’s a teacher, but he’s also a builder. GCU opened the Colangelo School of Sports Business in 2012. The school quickly has developed a cutting-edge curriculum focused on preparing students for meaningful jobs in the industry. Less than a year later, he was instrumental in the University’s decision to hire one of his favorite former players from the Phoenix Suns, Jerry Colangelo stands next to a display in the museumGCU built in his honor. It opened in September, and admittance is free.