GCU Today Magazine - November 2017

6 • GCU MAGAZ I NE My Lope Life I distinctly remember the emotions I felt at Move-In three years ago as I arrived on campus and waited in an endless line of cars, excited for what the future held. As I looked out the window from the back seat of our minivan, I thought I was ready for anything that this new season of life had to offer. But once my family was engulfed in the sea of purple, I realized that what I thought I wanted and what I actually wanted were two entirely different things. Instead of charging into my new dorm without any trace of fear or anxiety, as I had envisioned, I suddenly wanted to hide in the back of the van for the rest of my life. There was a feeling in the pit of my stomach as my parents left that day that I had lost any direction toward the purpose that I wanted to find. A lot has changed since that hot summer day nearly three years ago. But some things have remained the same, such as my internal longing to discover what personal purpose truly is. As my time here has progressed, I have learned that God always knows the purpose and always has a plan. It is our job to wake up every day with a willingness in our hearts to lean into this truth. Do that, and we can understand our major purpose. However, questions arise as we begin to dive deeper into everything we were intended to be. Was I destined to be pastor or perhaps a The purpose of loving Acts of kindness, even the little ones, play big role at GCU B Y N O A H W O L F E editor ’ s note : My LopeLife is a GCU Magazine feature in which students and staff share enlightening experiences about life at GCU. To be considered for a future My LopeLife, please submit a short synopsis of your topic to [email protected] with “My LopeLife” in the subject field. NoahWolfe photo by travis neely