promoted to assistant vice
president of Susquehanna Wealth
Strategies in Westminster,
Md. King was recognized for
his financial achievements
with an honorable mention in
Bank Investment Consultant
magazine’s annual ranking of its
Top 50 representatives.
Dr. Evan Fiedler,
M.Ed. in Education
is an assistant
professor of
anatomy and physiology at
College of the Albemarle in
Elizabeth City, N.C. He received
the Excellence in Innovative
Teaching Award in 2013-14
and the “Rolling Stone Gather
No Moss Award” for being an
educator who does not rest.
Charlotte Claus, M.Ed. in Special
Education: Cross-Categorical,
published a new book,
“Veggies and Fruits from A to
Z,” which promotes nutritional
knowledge for children. Claus
and her husband, Rick, live in
Louisville, Ky.
B.S. inNursing,
’10, and Laura
B.S. inNursing, ’12,
married and
blended their family of eight. He
is an emergency department/
trauma nurse for Ocala (Fla.)
Regional Medical Center and an
instructor for the Emergency
Nurses Association. She is director
of education/staff development
at Ocala Health, overseeing
educational and training needs for
more than 2,000 staffmembers.
Julio Ibeh
Agbanyim, M.S. in
Psychology with
an Emphasis in
Industrial and Organizational
Psychology, ’11,
is a senior
logistics associate for UPS
and recently started his own
management consulting company,
Focused Vision Consulting, LLC.
Agbanyimhas written two self-
improvement books, “Fear: A
Healthy Emotion if Well Managed,”
and “The Power of Engagement:
How to Find Balance inWork and
Life.” He is working on a Doctor of
Philosophy in General Psychology
with an Emphasis in Industrial and
Organizational Psychology at GCU.
Maria Quimba,
M.B.A. andM.S. in
in Health Care
Systems, ’11,
and assistant dean of GCU’s
College of Nursing and Health
Care Professions, was named
a Phoenix Business Journal “40
Under 40” leader. Quimba is
working on GCU’s new Center
for Connected Health, an
initiative to bridge health care
and technology and emphasize
employment training in
“connected health.”
Brandie Bedore,
M.S. in Nursing
with an Emphasis
in Nursing
Education, ’12,
a trauma nurse at a level-one
trauma center in San Antonio
and a clinical instructor at
the University of Texas Health
Science Center. Bedore is also a
flight nurse and officer in charge
of her safety unit in the U.S. Air
Force Reserves.
Randy Hale, B.S.
in Justice Studies,
is head football
coach of the Kansas
City East Lions.
Hale has more than 25 seasons
of coaching experience and is
working on a master’s degree
in positive coaching from the
University of Missouri.
Eric Smythe,
B.S. in Public Safety
and Emergency
Management, ’12,
is division chief of
training and emergency medical
services at Columbia River Fire
and Rescue in St. Helens, Ore.
Smythe, who has been in the fire
service since 1991, has public
safety in his genes: His father and
grandfather were firefighters,
and his mother and grandmother
were nurses.
Dr. Denise
McAllister, M.S.
in Professional
Counseling, ’12,
hada serious car
accident after graduating from
GCU. After less than a year of
recovery, McAllister traveled
to Grand Cayman Island to
give a professional ministerial
presentation togovernment offices,
chambers of commerce and the
local gospel radio station, sharing
her story of the accident, the power
of prayer and trust inGod.
Tyler Hamilton,
Master of Public
with an Emphasis
in Government and
Policy, ’12,
is founder and CEO
of The Giant Balloon, a private
practice in Santa Barbara, Calif.,
for male clientele battling human
trafficking. Hamilton is working
on a Doctor of Philosophy in
General Psychology with a
concentration on Cognition and
Instruction at GCU.
M.S. in Psychology
with an Emphasis
in General
Psychology, ’12,
is a probation
officer in the South Carolina
Department of Juvenile Justice,
where shewas awarded the James
W. Sparks Award for exemplary
dedication and service to the
at-risk population. Williams is
also a facilitator for the Family
Solutions Program, sponsored by
the University of Georgia, and at
the Girls Circle, a support group for
girls through ClemsonUniversity.
AdamSerrano, B.S.
inMarketing, ’13,
andBrittany (Haglin)
Serrano, B.S. in
Nursing, ’13,
met at
GCU and recentlymarried. Adam
is an account executive at Prisma
Corp., and Brittany is a registered
nurse on the telemetry floor at
John C. LincolnHealthNetwork in
Robert Jordan, M.Ed. in Special
Education for Certified Special
Educators, ’13,
is a science
teacher for exceptional students
at Southwest Middle School in
Palm Bay, Fla., where he was
named 2013-14 teacher of the
year. In Jordan’s 10 years at the
school, this was the first time the
award was given to a teacher of
exceptional students.
Amber LeBoeuf,
B.S. in Exercise
Sciencewith an
Emphasis in Pre-
Physical Therapy,
’14, and KyleMcCrite, B.S. in
Biologywith an Emphasis in
Physician Assistant Studies, ’14,
announced their engagement.
LeBoeuf, former captain of GCU’s
dance team, is working on a
master’s degree in occupational
therapy. McCrite, a GCU national
wrestling champion, is club
director/head coach of the
wrestling club and a certified EMT.
The couple plans to marry in 2015.
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