Slideshow: Student’s Phoenix Raceway photos

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John Medina, Professor of Photography at Grand Canyon University, regularly helps students learn the craft at major events in the Phoenix area. Clay Schron got one of those opportunities at the recent NASCAR event at Phoenix Raceway.

Professor of Photography John Medina with GCU student Clay Schron.

“The opportunity to shoot NASCAR was one I never expected to have,” Schron said. “The experience enabled me to apply the concepts and skills I have been learning in class in a real-world setting. I had a great time exploring the track, looking for the best places to shoot from while interacting with other photographers and event organizers. I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes at NASCAR races.

“It was a difficult task shooting cars going over 100 miles an hour, but I had 312 laps to adjust settings and fix mistakes I had made on previous laps. Overall, I had a great experience and learned a lot.”

Said Medina:

“As someone who has covered events like these for over 20 years, it is very inspiring to me when my students get to photograph something like this. These days, I get so much joy witnessing them get the opportunity to gain the experience of what it’s like being a professional photographer and all that comes along with it. It’s a true blessing to be a professor at GCU and be able to pay it forward to my students.”

Schron’s photos are below.




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