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Online faculty from several states attended a recent conference for Counseling Programs at GCU.

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Online faculty from around the country visited the Grand Canyon University campus for a two-day conference last week hosted by the counseling programs of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

“I was already sold on the University, but now I have an even greater appreciation for the work I’m doing with students,” said Dr. Diedre Wade. “I’m grateful to work with such a wonderful group of people. Being able to visit the campus and meet many of my coworkers has fostered a sense of connectedness and belonging.”

The conference included sessions on online teaching practices, burnout prevention, research publishing and other topics, but community-building was a big benefit.

“It was powerful to see the faculty come together to connect, build community and share ideas that will positively impact the growth and development of the counseling programs,” said Dr. Anna Edgeston, Counseling Program Director.

Added Dr. Kim McCann, online faculty chair:  “The remote team concept is highly effective for Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and the faculty on-site conference further enhanced our sense of community and collaboration.”

Dr. Dara Brown echoed just how many of the 23 visiting faculty felt after taking tours of campus.

“It really made me feel so connected to the University and students,” she said. “Working remotely can be so isolating at times, but having the chance to see coworkers face to face was so invigorating.  There is such a Godly presence at GCU, and I felt so welcomed. I loved being able to see and learn about all the amazing work that GCU does with the local community and throughout the state of Arizona.”

Here are reactions from other faculty who attended:

Dr. Latinia M. Shell: “It gave me the opportunity to connect with colleagues in person, receive quality professional development and take in all the allure of Grand Canyon University, including visiting the state-of-the-art soccer stadium, touring the beautiful college campus and experiencing the spirit-filled Chapel service! I feel so very privileged, honored and blessed to be a part of the Counseling Faculty at GCU.”

Dr. Misty Davis: “It was a pleasure to visit GCU’s beautiful campus. It helped me feel connected to the University and peers. President Mueller’s vision for the future of GCU is clear based on the exceptional progress that has already been made. I am excited for the University’s next chapter as well as my own with GCU.”

Dr. Audra Tousaint: “With this visit. I learned that I have a community of like-minded professionals that are just a phone call or visit away.”

Dr. Patrice Bennett: “To partake in the development of being categorized as one of the best, you have to surround yourself with the best. The GCU encounter from our faculty conference allowed space for us to experience greatness on the campus of GCU.”

Dr. D’Netra Smith: “You realize there is power and strength in connection as you gravitate towards like-minded individuals who are similarly in need of a sense of community.”

Dr. Therese Chavaux: “My experience and takeaway is GCU support. I felt this support in all the wellness wheel components (to bring in a counseling approach): physical, intellectual, social, environmental, occupational, financial and spiritual.”

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