Library offers students quiet, coffee during finals

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Students were busy studying for finals again Monday morning in the Library. (Photo by Ashlee Larrison)

By Lydia P. Robles
GCU News Bureau

Before teachers close the gradebooks, students must hit the books. And freshman Josh Miller put that in perspective best.

“I am one of those students who is guilty of studying more than I do sleep,” he said. “I’d rather get an A than get more ZZZ’s.”

Free earbuds and earplugs are available to students. (Photo by Lydia P. Robles)

The Grand Canyon University Library is full at all hours of the day and especially night this week as students prepare for finals. The Library is open 24/7 until 10 p.m. Friday and also is offering “caffeinated support” during the early morning hours.

“Sometimes we get students who come in pajamas and bring blankets and pillows,” Library Services Director Nita Mailander said. “We also have groups who come together and camp out in the study rooms during the last few days of finals.”

Coffee is offered after midnight along with sets of earplugs, earbuds and an “emergency chocolate” with the Library’s main number on it. It tends to be busiest until 3 in the morning, but a new batch of students – the ones who are like Miller – usually starts coming in around 4.

Nursing major Karissa Franks says finals can get tiring, but her ambition to do well and get good grades is what keeps her working hard. She relies on the encouraging words of her mom to stay motivated.

“My mom always tells me, ‘You can do it,’ ‘You got this,’ ‘Just a little while longer until you get to the end of the forest,’” Franks said.

The end of the fall semester brings excitement for the holidays and the two-week-long break. For others, anxiety arises at the thought of the semester ending.

To combat this, volunteer parents and grandparents of students showed their support by doing Fuel for Finals last week. Tables filled with cookies, drinks and snacks are situated in high traffic spots on campus at the event, which takes place every semester.

Besides offering a quiet place to study, the Library also hands out free coffee after midnight. (Photo by Ashlee Larrison)

Lucas Ekker took full advantage of the snacks before heading into class.

“I don’t think the parents or grandparents realize how much we appreciate them doing this for us,” he said. “During finals I get so busy that I forget to eat in the morning sometimes. These volunteers remind me of what my parents would if they were in state with me.”

An alternative source of strength: GCBC’s Stampede energy drinks, available again after a brief shortage.

“I was so relieved to hear that the energy drinks are back — especially with finals coming up,” freshman Melina Groves said. “I seriously live off caffeine, and it keeps me awake after full nights of studying.”

It is no surprise that students struggle to stay wide-eyed with finals around the corner. Some students, like Tina Perez lose this battle, and not even GCBC can help.

“When I’m extremely tired, I literally find myself going cross-eyed just to stay awake,” she said. “I’m hoping my professors don’t notice, and if they do, then I hope they see my effort to stay awake.”

The GCU Library sees finals week as an opportunity to check in on students and offer support.

“That is part of our job: We supply a quiet place to study and then we caffeinate you,” Mailander said. “We can help each other get through the week.”

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