Fitness Facts: Tips for holiday eating

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By Connie Colbert, Nurse Practitioner,
and Emily Orvos, Registered Dietitian
Canyon Health and Wellness Center

Those holiday parties are right around the corner. Here’s how to handle them:

  • Survey all options at a party so you can prioritize accordingly. This applies to sweets, too – choose your favorites and enjoy.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy your food instead of inhaling it!
  • If you drink alcohol, have a glass of water or juice-flavored seltzer in between drinks to prevent dehydration.
  • Start with veggies to boost antioxidants and increase fiber intake.
  • Eat close to your usual times to keep your blood sugar steady. If the meal is served later than normal, eat a small snack around your usual mealtime and eat less when dinner is served.
  • Put your food on a plate so you can keep portion sizes in check without stress.
  • Eat a normal breakfast or lunch before you go. Don’t starve yourself to “save calories.”
  • Focus on eating foods you enjoy rather than mindlessly eating foods just because they are there.
  • Plan a fun activity with your friends or family to stay active – kick around a soccer ball, take a walk or a fun yoga class, etc.
  • Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Sleep loss can make it harder to manage your blood sugar. Also, when you are sleep deprived you tend to eat more and choose high fat, high sugar foods.

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