Recent Honors College graduate is a go-go-go-getter

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By Ashlee Larrison
GCU News Bureau

“Are you truly doing your best?”

Dante DeSimone is a full-time project manager at Intel.

That was a question Dante DeSimone constantly would ask himself.

“Never be satisfied with what you have accomplished in any given day. Know that you can always give more,” he said.

“Always be a warrior for God, never stop pushing, and at the end of the day, give God all of the glory.”

The question evolve into a guide that helped DeSimone throughout his time in the Mechanical Engineering program at Grand Canyon University and continue into his new role as a project manager at Intel.

The recent College of Science, Engineering and Technology and Honors College graduate was offered his full-time role shortly after graduating but was no stranger to managerial responsibilities. DeSimone partook in multiple managerial responsibilities during his two-year internship with Intel, which helped prepare him for his current role.

And with his new position, he has big plans.

DeSimone was a player on the Club Sports tennis team.

“I’m very passionate about making things efficient, streamlining processes and making things easier for those working in the field so they do not have to strain their bodies as much,” DeSimone said. “I want them to have a happy and healthy quality of work so they can return home the same way they arrived.”

DeSimone is well acquainted with managing a heavy workload. On top of his college classwork, he juggled multiple internships, served as a worship leader at four churches, founded and managed the Aeronautical Engineering Club on campus and played for the Club Sports tennis team. He also has learned to play 12 different instruments and produced his own professionally recorded album with one of his former bands.

DeSimone (right) also works with multiple churches.

Though challenging, each additional responsibility helped him find success in his career and his ability to answer that question: Are you truly doing your best?

“I have always seen the potential in things, so I’ve always wanted to add more and more on my plate in order to demonstrate superior involvement,” he said. “I knew I was going into engineering, so I didn’t want to be just some Einstein. I didn’t want to be the person that was really good at crunching numbers and that’s it. I wanted to be a very well-rounded character.

“That’s why I always put a lot on my plate … so I can be approachable, I can speak well, present well and also have the intelligence of an engineer.”

DeSimone celebrated his graduation from the Mechanical Engineering program this spring with his wife, Micah.

That drive fit hand in hand with the Honors College and the opportunities it provides for students. Those opportunities played a role in preparing him for his first post-college job.

“I definitely enjoyed seeing the connections and networking events that they set up,” said DeSimone, a newlywed whose wife is fellow GCU Mechanical Engineering graduate Micah DeSimone (formerly Micah DeCleene). “It was also another great thing for my resumé, and to have added to my repertoire, to show an Engineering degree with Honors. The networking and benefits were definitely great from the Honors College.”

As DeSimone continues to adapt and grow in his new position with Intel, he hopes to soon start taking steps toward  completing an MBA with an Emphasis in Project Management. 

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