#Askingforafriend: What are the best ways to handle transition?

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By Bryttney Huseas
GCU Office of Student Care

Transitions can bring new life while also bringing unknown that sometimes is partnered with anxiety.

How do we give ourselves space to have hope and excitement while also caring for our worries or possible grief?

One step is to just acknowledge that there could be a mixture of feelings and then explore what feelings might be present.

Start by taking a deep inhale and a full slow exhale. Repeat this six times. This helps bring a sense of groundedness to the present.

Ask yourself, “What do I notice as present in my body? Emotions? Sensations? Any stirring thoughts?”

Continue breathing and try to acknowledge without judgment whatever you notice, without the need to know why or justify. Simple examples: “I see you, anxiety … I see you, tension … I see you, tiredness.” (Fill in whatever feelings or sensations you might notice.)

It is what it is.

Our experience as humans is so much more complex than we often realize, and sometimes we just need to slow down enough to give room to be with and in whatever might be going on for us. That’s especially true after the unprecedented year of change and unknown that the COVID pandemic has put many of us through.

I encourage you to carve out time during these summer months to simply “be” and care for the parts of yourself that may have gotten lost in the mix throughout the last year. And be sure to also make some time to connect and celebrate with loved ones.

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