GCU Magazine finds the good cheer in innovations

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Even the cutouts in GCU Arena love the February issue of GCU Magazine. (Photo by David Kadlubowski)

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The February issue of GCU Magazine plays a little “Where’s Waldo?” with readers. In the spirit of the innovations that have been evident all around campus, we had four members of the Spirit teams and the ever mischievous Thunder pose for the special fold-out cover with their own cutouts and some of the other enlarged cardboard photos that fill Grand Canyon University Arena. All that was missing was Waldo’s red-and-white shirt and stocking cap, but we prefer purple anyway.

You can view the digital version here.

Inside are stories that demonstrate how GCU faculty, staff and students attacked the pandemic-induced challenges with ingenuity, grace and perseverance. Academic and athletic innovations, community initiatives, leadership, compassion and good, old-fashioned hard work are abundant in the details about:

  • the One Foundation livestreams
  • the CityServe partnership
  • the examples of five people on campus who came through in the clutch
  • GCU’s leadership in expanding the Western Athletic Conference
  • a doctoral learner who endured incredible challenges on the way to his degree
  • an online student who, with the passionate help of her professor, just kept goin’ on despite death and destruction all around her
  • and how all those cutouts in the Arena were part of a basketball game atmosphere that impressed two visiting coaches.

There also is a preview of this year’s virtual Homecoming and a look at the immediate effects of the new jobs initiative announced at Winter Commencement by GCU President Brian Mueller. And don’t miss the inspirational “My LopeLife” by one of those Winter graduates, Araceli Wills.


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