Faculty Focus: Michael Potter

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Michael Potter

Title: Assistant Professor, Colangelo College of Business

Years at GCU:

Academic degrees:

  • B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University with an Emphasis in Retail Management, 1978
  • MBA with an Emphasis in Information Systems from University of Southern California, 1986

Most notable accomplishment in your field: As a teacher, I think it’s my ability to translate the topics discussed in the text into understandable English that the students can better grasp.

Most passionate about in your field: The thing I like to do the most in class is to tie the accounting material being covered to the areas students not majoring in accounting are studying. We discuss how accounting can be used in economics (supply and demand), management (Theory X and Theory Y management styles), finance (time and value of money and capital budgeting) and marketing (matching customer demographics with how to best reach those customers.)

Most memorable moment in class: There have been lots of them. I love seeing the expression on a student’s face when they have that “Aha!” moment, when the material actually clicks for them and they truly understand it.

What do you do for fun: I love doing projects around the house.  (It’s amazing how many things you can fix with duct tape. Well, sort of fix.) I also spend a lot of time at the golf course or at home reading novels. (Jack Reacher is a personal hero of mine.)

Something interesting most people don’t know: For the last 15 or so years I have been very involved in playing a competitive card game called “Magic: The Gathering.” My sons and I have traveled together to play in tournaments large and small (some with as more than 900 people) throughout Arizona (Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Flagstaff) and Southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego).

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