GCU tech faculty log in to virtual cyber, Agile events

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PetSmart’s Robert Wahl was one of the panelists at the virtual “Hacking a Cybersecurity Career Path” talk. 

Technology faculty in Grand Canyon University‘s College of Science, Engineering and Technology booted up the fall semester with virtual cybersecurity and Agile events.

CSET and Strategic Employer Initiatives recently hosted “Hacking a Cybersecurity Career Path,” part of the Provost Speaker Series.

The virtual event connected GCU students to chief information security officers from industry, including Don Silva of WebPT, Jason Stead of Choice Hotels International, Marlys Rodgers of the CSAA Insurance Group and Robert Wahl of PetSmart. The speakers covered everything from entry into a cybersecurity job to what a career in the field might entail. Cybersecurity is one of GCU’s fastest-growing career pathways.

Rob Loy

Director of Non-Degree Technology Programs Rob Loy moderated the Zoom webinar, facilitated by Aysha Bell, SEI Director of Employer Relations & Recruitment Services, and Marquis Scott, Program Director of SEI.

Loy and Associate Professor Glenda Dilts also were presenters during a breakout session at the two-day virtual Agile Arizona conference, which included participants from as far away as Canada and Boston.

Agile project management is an approach to managing software development projects that focuses on the ability to adapt and respond to change. Self-organizing, cross-functional teams collaborate to come up with solutions for projects that are continually evolving.

Glenda Dilts

Loy and Dilts’ session was called “Teaching an Agile Mindset.” They shared how GCU incorporates that mindset in the classroom, starting at the K-12 level with a video game project. Using Agile tools, the students move a project through a Trello board concept from idea to completion.

They also spoke about the work GCU has done to embed Agile tools and concepts into its programs. Students complete capstone, benchmark and milestone work using Agile and share that in their job interviews.

Loy and Dilts closed their session with a presentation framework designed to help high school students gain an introduction to Agile and how they might use it to manage their schoolwork. They will use feedback from the presentation to shape future lessons and content.

“The reception to what GCU is doing was well-received,” said Loy, “and the depth of education GCU provides in this sought-after career experience surprised participants.”

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