Professor shares research on clean energy sources

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GCU News Bureau

College of Science, Engineering and Technology Professor Dr. Galyna Kufryk spoke on Wednesday at the virtual Algae Biomass Summit.

Dr. Galyna Kufryk

Her research focus has been on finding a clean energy source to replace traditional fuels, such as oil, gas and coal, which release carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, along with other greenhouse gases.

At the summit, she spoke about her research on cyanobacteria. These are microscopic, photosynthetic organisms that can be used to produce a renewable, clean biofuel called molecular hydrogen.

The ability to reduce carbon dioxide pollution and produce energy-dense hydrogen make cyanobacteria significant in biofuel research. She discussed improving hydrogen production in certain strains of cyanobacteria through genetic engineering.

Kufryk also was a panelist at the “Genetic Modification: A Key to Improving Algae Feasibility?” session of the summit. Read more about her research here.

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