Doctoral learner gives back to his home country

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Eugene Frimpong (left) traveled to his home country of Ghana, West Africa, to give a seminar.

By Ashlee Larrison
GCU News Bureau

Data analytics for Eugene Frimpong always has been about bettering himself and staying up to date on the changes in the industry. Now, in the midst of his journey through his program in Business Administration with an emphasis in Data Analytics at Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies, Frimpong wanted to share his love and knowledge of data analytics with his home country: Ghana, West Africa.

Frimpong’s seminar informed students and professionals about the importance of data analytics.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in his home country, he moved to the United States in 2002 and attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, to pursue his Master of Business Administration and Master of Financial Management degrees. He lived in Iowa until 2016 before moving to Dallas, where he now lives with his wife and children and furthers his career in the life insurance industry.

“I’ve been in data for 10 years, and right now the industry is being transformed,” Frimpong said. “There’s a huge need for data scientists, for business executives with that background, and that is where the industry is moving. … I want to be an expert in the industry.”

When searching for where he would continue to pursue a doctorate, GCU’s program caught his eye.

Around 65 people attended his seminar.

“I was looking for a university with some level of faith background, and during my search, I was also looking for a program in data analytics. … GCU was popular,” he said.

The program has kept his interest.

“They (professors) are very thorough, and I like the fact that the support is there,” he said. “I also like the fact that you can openly talk about your faith.”

Frimpong traveled to Ghana to host a seminar to discuss the importance of big data for students from his alma mater and other working professionals in Ghana, as well as visit his old primary school and lecture on basic computer literature.

Frimpong’s event sought to inform young professionals in Ghana.

“Data analytics is relatively new in Ghana, and I want to preach for the awareness and also excite people about it,” Frimpong said about his lecture. He relates big data to “the next digital oil.”

Ultimately, he hopes to excite the people of Ghana about data analytics.

Frimpong is a year through his doctoral program.

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  1. Derrick Idan Frowne

    I was his co-facilitator for the seminar (Big Data Analytics Seminar), the person who took all the participants through few MsExcel practicals. In fact Mr. Frimpong fully self-sponsored the entire seminar from free breakfast, lunch to certificates for all participants.
    A job well done by Mr. Frimpong. He’s an epitome of a true citizen
    We are counting on for donor funding to touch more lives.

    Jan.28.2020 at 11:49 pm
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