Faculty Focus: Dr. Jonathan Sharpe

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College of Theology

Dr. Jonathan Sharpe

Title: Assistant Professor of Theology/Christian Worldview Course Lead

Years at GCU: 9 1/2

Academic degrees: M.A. in Theology. Ph.D. in Church History and Polity.

Faculty scholarship (publications, scholarly presentations, fellowships, etc.):

  • “American Victory”: Feature Film, forthcoming 2021. Written by and story by.
  • “Sacrifice, Surrender and Spiritual Formation” in Spiritual Formation in the Global Context, eds. John Frederick and Ryan Brandt (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, forthcoming, 2020).
  • “God’s Spy”: Feature Film on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, forthcoming 2020. Story by.
  • “The Heart of Man”: Feature Film, 2017. Co-writer and executive producer.
  • “Experiential Obstacles to Faith: Why a Good and Powerful God Allows Christians to Suffer” in “The Beginning of Wisdom: An Introduction to Christian Thought and Life” (Grand Canyon University, 2014).

Notable research in your field: My main research focus is on the importance of apostolicity and orthodox consensus for settling debates and bringing about unity amidst current Christian contexts.  

Notable employment in your field: In addition to teaching at GCU, I work as a writer, producer and consultant for film and media projects and programs.

What are you most passionate about in your field? Explaining the importance of recovering the method of the “orthodox consensus,” by which Christians can differentiate true interpretations of Scripture from false via examining the shared understandings of Scripture held clearly by the consensus of all Christians, in all places, and at all times, from the apostles to the present. 

What aspect of your teaching style is the most distinctive and/or memorable? I tell a lot of stories and use a ton of film clips to try to make biblical and theological language and concepts relatable to current cultural contexts. My students often think that the stories I tell are random. I actually carefully choose each story for specific use at precise moments in a course. However, I suppose that if students still think my stories are random, I hope it means they at least don’t appear rehearsed.  

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time? I wish I had spare time! Maybe when I retire.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know? I’ve had the opportunity to work as a screenwriter and producer on films. My recent work includes serving as a co-writer and executive producer on the film “The Heart of Man,” as a consultant and “story by” contributor for a feature film on Dietrich Bonhoeffer titled “God’s Spy,” and as a writer and producer for an forthcoming feature film on Olympic and UFC champion Henry Cejudo titled, “American Victory,” based on the best-selling book by the same name.

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