Faculty Focus: Dr. Mark Wireman

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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Dr. Mark Wireman

Title: Associate Professor

Years at GCU: 9 years

Academic degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic, M.S. in Leadership, B.S. in Biology

Faculty scholarship (publications, scholarly presentations, fellowships, etc.):

Wireman, M., Russell, S. (2019, March). “Prerequisite Coursework as a Predictor of Performance in Subsequence Science Courses. Oral presentation at Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning Conference 2019, Savannah, GA.

Wireman, M., Terry, L. (2019, Jan). “Utilizing technology Outside of Class to Enhance Engagement.” Oral presentation at Lilly Conference 2019, Austin, TX.

Wireman, M. (2018, April). “I-LOOM-Inate Your Class: Using Video Technology To Enhance Students’ Experiences.” Oral presentation at OLC Innovate 2018, Nashville, TN.

Wireman, M., Terry, L. (2019). Instructor-Created Videos: “Connecting with Students Beyond the Classroom.” Journal of Scholarly Engagement 2, (1), 69-74

Notable employment in your field: I worked as a chiropractor in the Valley from 2001 to 2010.

What are you most passionate about in your field? The transition from treating patients to teaching students had its challenges, but one commonality is assisting people to reach their goals. For patients the goal was to improve their health, and for students it is to improve their understanding. Both aspects include effective communication to educate them on the importance of information. I also enjoy sharing patient care stories with my pre-health students because it stresses the importance of the foundational information that we cover in class. The students appreciate this connection — it helps them remember the information rather than regurgitate on an exam and forget it.

What aspect of your teaching style is the most distinctive and/or memorable? I love to incorporate humor into my lessons. I stress the motto of working hard and playing hard, and if we can combine those aspects into a packed lesson I find that the students are more engaged. The students also seem to retain the information better, and I have even had students from years past recall humorous lessons in class and how it relates to the physiological concept.

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time? I love to spend time with my wife and three kids going on hikes around Arizona. I also have delved into the world of obstacle-course racing and I plan on completing a 30-mile obstacle course in May 2020 in Montana.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know? I once traveled to Nepal in 2001 for a medical mission trip. It was a three-week trip in which a team of chiropractors, medical doctors and nurses traveled to remote villages to provide health care screening and treatment. Villagers would create long lines, and it would take a full day to examine all of them. It was a lot of work, but it was rewarding work. It was such a humbling experience to help others in need and to see gratitude transcend across cultures.


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