Kelley learns — and teaches — at top-level program

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By Rick Vacek
GCU News Bureau

The London School of Economics is impressive. Tim Kelley, Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship and Economics at Grand Canyon University, calls it “a research mecca and almost a benchmark for the highest level of education in business.”

So it was quite an honor when Kelley was invited to be one of 22 students from 16 countries this summer in LSE’s Executive Education program, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in an Age of Change.”

Assistant Professor Tim Kelley was one of 22 students invited to take part in the Executive Education program at the London School of Economics.

Once he got there, however, he became more than just a student – in a sense, he became a teacher, too. Because Kelley was the only attendee who runs an angel investing group (Canyon Angels), he was asked to speak to the class about his entrepreneurship program.

Not only did that say a lot about what Kelley is doing at GCU; it also said a lot about what the Colangelo College of Business (CCOB) is doing. He learned that by hearing from business professionals in everything from the alternative music scene in India to pharmaceuticals in Europe to environmental bond issues in South Africa to dental clinics in China. 

“We are so blessed to have Tim leading this innovative learning experience via an actual 501(c)(6) angel investment opportunity, our Canyon Angels,” CCOB Dean Dr. Randy Gibb said. “His experience in London certainly validates where we are as a college of business relative to global business educational efforts – so glad he was able to attend and represent CCOB!”

Said Kelley, “The way our program is designed, with the integration of the technology on the front end, as an entrepreneurship platform for our students I think we are right on target and on the cutting edge.”

People tend to have the same type of sentiment when discussing the London School of Economics’ reputation. For example, Kelley said the instructor for his class, Dr. Susanna Khavul, is “one of top five cited researchers for early stage startups, particularly with crowd funding.”

Kelley also learned a lot about angel investing in London, which is far less regulated than in the United States.

“When you look at being able to raise funds as a startup online,” he said, “London is the place to go.”

It also is the place to go if you’re a history aficionado, of course. Kelley’s family joined him on the trip for a historical tour, and he even got to play nine holes of golf with his son.

His scorecard: “Two birdies, two pars. The other holes are simply unmentionable.”

GCU’s scorecard looks a lot more consistent. There’s a reason why Kelley found it easy to talk about what’s happening in CCOB, including the business model canvas, the integration with engineering students, the tests through our internal incubators, the entrepreneurial development, Canyon Angels and the new Innovation Center.

“I think that is a very comprehensive path,” he said.

A path that leads to learning – and speaking – at the highest level of education in business.

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