GCU students show their hearts for the homeless

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GCU students sort through donated clothes.

By Aubrey Grasz
GCU News Bureau

Many students spend their Saturdays sleeping in, but that wasn’t the case for a group of Grand Canyon University Homeless Ministry student volunteers.

GCU student Nyhla Tolbert washes a woman’s feet.

Students, some of whom volunteer weekly with the GCU Homeless Ministry and some of whom were first-time volunteers, ventured out early Saturday to serve the homeless at Phoenix’s St. Vincent de Paul. While the students came from a variety of backgrounds and academic majors, they shared a common desire: to serve others.

For several weeks leading up to the service project, GCU students had the opportunity to donate clothing in bins placed in residence hall lobbies. Volunteers sorted through the donations, folded the clothes and distributed the items to homeless individuals.

After receiving clothes, the homeless individuals were treated to haircuts, a hot lunch and even feet washing.

GCU student Aubrey Grasz prays with a woman before washing her feet.

A handful of student volunteers reflected on John 13:1-17, in which Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and then commanded them to go and wash others’ feet. This special act of service was meaningful and humbling for the students. While washing feet, students were able to connect with the individuals on a personal level, hear their stories and pray for them.

Anders Carlson, a communications student at GCU, helps lead the GCU Homeless Ministry team. He reflected on the service event, saying, “These people are our friends, and we are so grateful to have the chance to love and serve them in the name of Jesus.”

To get involved with the GCU Homeless Ministry, visit the Local Outreach Ministries office in the GCU Student Life Building.

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  1. Jennifer Gregg

    What a great opportunity for GCU students to show the love of Christ to others and fulfill a need. Not only are they providing for those who have a physical need, they are also providing for their spiritual need by just being there, praying for them, and washing their feet. Seeing this makes me wish I was on campus, so I could be involved with this wonderful ministry and outreach too. I have no doubt the work this ministry does touches many lives, some of which the depth may not be known until after the giver is in heaven with Christ.

    Mar.20.2019 at 8:20 am
  2. DeVonte

    I appreciate hearing people, whether Christian or not, carry out the work that Jesus or any morally good hearted figure set. Jesus in particular was the perfect figure to model after, in my view, because He cared about the heart. I always think about how the Bible talks about “faith and deeds”, “knowledge and heart”, “words and actions”, and many other dualities that speak towards loving others, the second greatest. I have to remind myself and correct my heart, or allow it to catch up, when it comes to obeying the example of service. More importantly, seeing the example of Jesus, that it’s a life of service, particularly for the “sick that need doctors”.

    May.08.2019 at 4:48 pm
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