GCU completes women’s soccer inquiry

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Grand Canyon University has concluded a review of allegations of misconduct against the coaching staff of the women’s soccer program from six of the program’s current and former student-athletes and their parents who are seeking the dismissal of the coaching staff and more than $125,000 in compensation from the University.

Immediately upon receiving the student-athletes’ allegations – which primarily involve the use of excessive conditioning drills and inappropriate language — the University conducted a comprehensive investigation in which every member of the team, its coaching staff and athletic trainers were interviewed individually. Any steps taken by the University as a result of the investigation are confidential personnel matters, but in general the University did not identify any conduct that would justify the actions demanded by the student-athletes. 

Details of the investigation are not being provided in order to protect the student-athletes who made the accusations. In general, however, the investigation revealed that the overwhelming majority of student-athletes on the team expressed support for the coaching staff, characterized their experiences as positive, and noted that it is not uncommon for some student-athletes on any team to perceive a coaching style differently than the rest of the team, particularly following a transition in head coaches. Five of the six student-athletes making the accusations had been recruited by a previous coach. The other was a non-scholarship player who transferred to another school.

The allegations were submitted to GCU in a letter dated Nov. 13 from an attorney representing one of the student-athletes and the parents of the other five, and sought the immediate dismissal of the coaches. In addition, a previous letter of concern was submitted by a student-athlete who sought compensation “by graduating debt-free from GCU and 2 years of graduate school paid for.” Another email from a parent sought $125,000 in compensation.

GCU does not intend to provide any additional information or comments on these allegations. The University takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and encourages anyone to immediately report any concerns they may have so that they can be thoroughly investigated.

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