Students kick off college journey at Thunder Vision

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Strategic Educational Alliances’ Thunder Vision Summit is designed to get seventh- and eight-grade students excited about going to college. The 2,500 attendees from 10 schools toured the campus Tuesday and listened to speakers who talked about the importance of their grade point average and getting involved in the community, looking out for scholarships, and the advantages of getting a degree.

Seventh- and eighth-graders at Thunder Vision enjoy lunch after listening to speakers in GCU Arena.

Attendees get ready to hear talks about getting themselves on the college-ready path.

GCU Christian Studies major Bethany Huffman answers a few questions from students after her talk, which focused on the advantages of going to college and how to get there.

The dance and cheer teams showed their support for Strategic Educational Alliances and the Thunder Vision event, which gets seventh- and eighth-grade students excited about college.


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  1. Michelle Ramirez

    This is fantastic! I have twins that are in seventh grade now, so they will be in eighth grade next year. I would love to know how to help get them and ideally, their school, involved in future summits.

    I have solid contacts, the principal and PTSA president. I am happy to facilitate introductions/invitations and so on if there is an opportunity for additional local schools to be involved in a future summit, I would greatly appreciate additional information.

    Feb.07.2018 at 1:32 pm
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