What’s the No. 1 thing you’ve learned from Jerry Colangelo?

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Jerry Colangelo never stops teaching. Here are some of the things his colleagues and GCU administrators, faculty and students have learned. Note the wide variety of answers:

“I have learned the importance of relationships the importance of relationships as well as keeping your priorities: faith, family, friends and community.” — DR. RANDY GIBB, CCOB Dean

“He taught me to think differently than I ever thought in my life. I was an accountant by trade, and he taught me to think more visionary, more bold.” — RICHARD DOZER, former Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks executive

“There actually are two things. His practices in his professional life follow what he does in his personal life. That’s always been a big encouragement to me. … The second one is the influence from his book ‘How You Play the Game.’ One of the areas that he talks about is the development of a sense of history. That influenced me as a coach but also in other things I’ve done.”– DR. RICK ROTH, Sports Business professor

“Mr. Colangelo has always set out to do the best and be the best at whatever position he was doing at the time and then put everything else in God’s hands. As business students, we can be ambitious. We can be the next Fortune 500 CEO, but it’s the guys who try to be the Fortune 500 CEO who sometimes don’t end up where they want to be in life. Guys like Mr. Colangelo went out and pursued what God has for them and tried to be the best of where God has them in the moment.” — BRAEDEN SCHEER, CCOB student

“Mr. Colangelo not only delivers, he over-delivers on everything he does. When you do that for 50 years with integrity and honesty, you see the incredible impact it has had on this community.” — BRIAN MUELLER, GCU President

“To always do business with high integrity, treat people the way you would like to be treated. I would always say, ‘Gee, what would Jerry do in this situation?’ It made my life very easy because he was a great role model.” — TOM AMBROSE, former Phoenix Suns Executive

“‘Your word is your bond.’ He says it consistently, pretty much every time I’ve seen him talk. Whenever he says that, it means a lot more than when somebody else might say it. I think that level of credibility is what stands out to me, as something I’d like to achieve, too.” — JOSH McGUIRE, CCOB student

“Jerry treats people with respect, and he’s an optimistic guy who believes that you can get people to work together and accomplish great things. He cares about doing things for the right reasons, and he’s pragmatic about it – you have to be. He keeps a sense of perspective in things he does, and that helps him build coalitions.” — PAUL WESTPHAL, former Phoenix Suns coach

 “Even though he has such high status, he’s always willing to share and willing to help and is a Christian leader in the field. I don’t see many business leaders who also are very outspoken about their faith.” — CATHERINE XIONG, CCOB student

“Being able to have a conversation with people, look people in the eyes, just be social and communicate with others. He’s done a great job of communicating that to students.” — DR. BRIAN SMITH, CCOB Assistant Dean and Director of Colangelo School of Sports Business

“Instead of taking all the credit, he gives credit to God for his blessings. That is profound. That made a mark on me. Another thing I have learned from Mr. Colangelo is that there’s no alternative for hard work. Throughout the years, he has been involved in so many industries in various countries. What hasn’t changed was his focus on hard work and execution.” — MALIK RIVERS, GCU graduate

“There is not a better boss in the world. He motivates people, he inspires people, he does things the right way. He’s a guy that you want to do your best for to please him. He was a consummate motivator, and you wanted to do everything you could for him because he provided everything that you needed to be successful.” — TOM CHAMBERS, former Phoenix Suns player

“My reputation will follow me everywhere I go. I have heard him say numerous times that our word is our bond and if people truly trust your character, opportunities will always come your way. Above all, Mr. Colangelo has challenged me to never take shortcuts and lead with integrity.” — DOM PACHUILO, CCOB student

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