Students, employees can get self-defense training

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The Grand Canyon University Public Safety Department is offering “hands-on” defense training on the main campus and the 27th Avenue office complex. Classes are available to all GCU students and employees at no cost.

Class options include scenario exercises and real-world physical training. Each class also includes campus safety awareness topics, legal familiarization and best-practice protective skills.

Classes ranging from basic to advanced are offered, and those interested are invited to form groups of students, dorm-mates, co-workers, etc. The recommended class size for groups is 4 to 20, and classes are offered from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Physical “hands-on” and scenario-based classes require fitness attire and athletic shoes to be worn. Bringing water and nutritional snacks is strongly recommended. Depending on the type of training requested and the skill levels of the attendees, classes can be up to 1½ hours.

To schedule your training, contact Ryan Sand, Active Threats/Self-Defense Instructor, at 602-639-8722 or [email protected].

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