Strategic volunteering: Lend a hand to get ahead

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Volunteering is an altruistic way to gain valuable and rewarding experience while helping the community or providing a service. Taking a strategic approach to volunteering can have positive effects on the development of skills and experiences in a position or field related to your student’s degree program. Relevant volunteer opportunities can be useful when applying to full-time or internship opportunities, and students can sometimes turn their experience into paid positions.

Benefits of strategic volunteering:

  • Allows students to gain valuable skills and experiences in a role that incorporates their long term career goals.
  • Allows students to demonstrate skills and values and their impact within an organization.
  • Allows students to get their foot in the door of certain organizations or non-profits that they have an interest in.
  • Allows students to expand their professional network.

Things to consider when finding strategic volunteer opportunities:

  • Do my values relate to this organization’s mission?
  • Will this role motivate me to learn and improve?
  • What can I learn or take away from this experience?
  • Can I obtain additional training or certification through this role?
  • Does this opportunity align with my future career goals?

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