GCU students dominate Film Challenge

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By Laurie Merrill
GCU News Bureau

Grand Canyon University student filmmakers swept the top three categories as well as Best Overall in the recent 48 Hour Film Challenge.

“The Wright Way” was named the Best Overall film and won for Best Director. “Dead in the Water” earned the No. 1 spot in the Best Technical category, and “Margot Meets the Red Commander” was named Best Story. 

The three GCU teams competed against two teams each from the Art Institute of Phoenix and the reigning champion, University of Advancing Technology of Tempe. The traveling trophy previously held by UAT now will reside at GCU.  

Competitors are given a genre, a line of dialogue and a prop and have 48 hours from kickoff to screening to produce a short, theatre-quality film. The GCU teams:

Dead in the Water” — A film noir about a girlfriend tired of her boyfriend’s antics. 
Writers: Ryan Brennan, Manny Fontes
Cinematography and editing: Isaac O’Farrell
Director: Bowen Moreno
Executive producer: Jed Elias
Starring: Daniel Stonewall, Halee Anne Conway

“Margot Meets the Red Commander” — A mockumentary about a reporter who finds that heroes do exist, just maybe not as expected.
Director and editor: Elliott de Neve
Writer: David Kormann
Cinematography: Jacob Laureanti
Production designer: Nikki Shadden
Original song written by: Ethan Collins, Caleb Davidson, Kormann
Assistant director: Krista Bannister
First assistant camera: Tyler Christensen
Second assistant camera: Julian Oliver
Gaffer: Collins
Audio: Davidson
Grip: Branden Marotta
Assistant Editor: Laureanti
Starring: Chole Sauders, Kormann

“The Wright Way” — A mockumentary about a descendant of the Wright brothers.
Starring: Trevor Wilch, Tabitha Debnam
Writer: Wilch
Director: David Naevrla
Editor: Jordan Sattler
Cinematography: Kody Combes
Sound: Emily England
Set designer and prop master: Lyn Craig

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    Congratulations! As a former film student, this is great news!

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