Antelope Intros: Garth Adams and Cheri Luikart

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This week's edition of Antelope Intros features two people with a passion for Christ, family, educating others and all things GCU.

Antelope Intros is a recurring GCU Today feature that introduces some of our new employees to the people around them in a way that is fun and informative. Employees are eligible to be featured in the month following their orientation.

Garth Adams and his fun-loving family.


Job title: University development counselor

Job location: Allen, Texas

What attracted you to GCU? I have been working in higher education for 15 years, and I also have been a GCU student since 2014. I have enjoyed following the campus activity, sporting events and community involvement so much that I knew I needed to be a part of this team. Plus I look good in purple.

What do you do for fun and where do you find that outlet? I am an avid soccer fan. After playing for 25 years, I turn my attention to coaching younger children to play the game, have fun with it and focus their head game on and off the pitch. My wife and I have enjoyed coaching our son’s soccer team (Allen FC) for three years and are also season-ticket holders for FC Dallas. The whole family enjoys watching the games on the weekends to support Chelsea FC, Borussia Dortmund and FC Dallas. I am a GCU soccer fan for sure and love that Coach Schellas Hyndman is there, since he is a former FC Dallas coach, too.

What are you passionate about? I am a two-time cancer survivor, and I believe God left me here for something much more. Too many of us have been affected by cancer firsthand, so I do several charity events each year to support educating others and to raise funds for research through MD Anderson Boot Walk, Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, Movember and Texas Husky Rescue Foundation.

What are your favorite places or events in the Valley that you like to visit? Aunt Chilada’s at Squaw Peak is my favorite meeting place. I began to love this place because of its convenience while visiting GCU for my doctoral residency. I met some great people there and became great friends with them; I now make sure I always see all of them there each time I come back.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know: My wife and I host foreign exchange students, and this will be our third year. It has been a great experience to open up our family, especially our children, to helping another student from another country achieve their dreams of coming to the USA. We have had two from Germany, and right now we have one from Switzerland. They have become a part of our family and consider them our children as well. Plus the chocolate they bring us has been amazing — definitely better than the what we have in the USA.

What are you most proud of? Being here today and having the opportunity to educate others on how to achieve their goals. Tomorrow is never promised; how you serve others is the legacy I wish to leave with my children, family and students. It has been rewarding to see my students over the years achieve so much for themselves and their families. I look forward to seeing the sea of purple at our next graduation. Lopes Up. Lopes Rising.



Cheri and her husband Michael Rhee.

Job title: Student services counselor

Job location: 27th Avenue

What attracted you to GCU? Well, I just graduated from GCU in April! I participated as a student leader (Life Leader and Resident Assistant) for the final three years of my undergrad and loved my experience. I have a great appreciation for GCU as a business and university, but I also found a lot of joy working with and serving the students on campus. I am excited to continue my experience with GCU, going more in depth with the business aspect of the University as well as serving students in a more professional role.

What do you do for fun and where do you find that outlet? I love working out and writing in my blog. I have a fitness blog to encourage others to be healthier but also to feel encouraged with where they are now. I also include aspects of how discipline physically and a healthy lifestyle parallel spiritual truths. In addition, I love reading and going out with my friends in the evenings.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about fitness, my husband and Christ. My dream is to one day write my own Bible studies and teach women.

What are your favorite places or events in the Valley that you like to visit? I love Stacker’s for drinks and wings and also Valley Bar for fun weekends out with friends. I am not super familiar with the Valley because I did not leave campus much when I was a student. I Still have many places yet to discover!

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know: I played four years of varsity golf in high school and majored in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Biblical Studies at GCU. My younger brother just moved onto campus for his freshman year at GCU. As a weird fun fact, my sister has a puppy named Riley and I call her my niece-dog … seriously love her.

What are you most proud of? My husband! He has grown to be very successful in all he does, yet he remains so humble and encouraging to others. He constantly seeks to lift others up and loves me incredibly well! He teaches me how to be more selfless every day with the quiet love he shows me consistently.

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