Career Services: A Summer Well Spent

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By Aysha Bell
GCU Career IMPACT Center

The spring semester is over and students have wrapped up another fantastic academic year at Grand Canyon University. Though it is tempting to get into a “summer groove,” it is a great idea to utilize the slower pace to invest in furthering your career. Therefore, the Career IMPACT Center is encouraging both students and alumni to spend their time this summer developing a strong resume, practicing interviewing and applying for jobs and/or internships.

Why is utilizing the summer to advance professionally a good idea? Many individuals are spending their time vacationing and winding down after a busy year, so you have an opportunity to get a “leg up” on the competition. Additionally, the relaxed pace often presented by summer is actually a great incubator for creativity and renewed energy, which could result in the development of stronger job search documents.

The “Summer Well Spent” campaign is not only valuable for job seekers. Employers can also use the downtime during summer months to revisit company, departmental or staff structure and begin to adapt any policies or service methods that might be no longer beneficial.            

Of course, you still want to make sure to fully enjoy any downtime over the next few months. So relax, have fun and then carve out time to invest in yourself and make sure you have a “Summer Well Spent.”

Remember, GCU Career IMPACT Center is here for you! Visit to utilize any of our online tools to identify your career path, build your resume, research career options or apply to current job postings! Employers are encouraged to apply for a Career Connections account to post jobs and/or internships for GCU students and alumni.

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