‘Fostering Prosperity’ talk focuses on business ideals

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By Mark Heller
GCU News Bureau

Guest speakers are frequent within Grand Canyon University degree programs at both the undergraduate and master’s levels. But there are times when Dr. Randy Gibb, dean of the Colangelo College of Business, gives the microphone to … himself.

His “Fostering Prosperity” presentation served as a reminder to more than 100 master’s students Wednesday in the CCOB lecture hall: Remember the bigger picture.

Dr. Randy Gibb gives his “Fostering Prosperity” talk to Colangelo College of Business master’s students Wednesday. (Photo by Mark Heller)

Extolling the virtues of Conscious Capitalism, free market enterprises and “using business as a tool to help the greater good in communities and globally,” Gibb used charts, graphs and an entertaining YouTube video to showcase how the world has changed for the better (in both health and wealth) in the last 250 years. He said this largely has come to fruition through personal and economic freedoms afforded to both citizens and marketplaces.

Inherently impactful while serving a greater good, capitalism — and its participants — might not be perfect, but the pursuit of profits next to human kindness and “value” doesn’t need to be an “either-or” proposition.

He encouraged students to watch POVERTY, INC., a 2014 documentary by Michael Miller that chronicles the complex world of providing foreign aid to nations. He also cited Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, as well as Goodmans Interior Structures, a furniture company in Phoenix, as proof that profits and people can co-exist. Or even thrive together.

“We’re trying to share a new narrative of how you can run a profitable business and still make a lasting impact,” Gibb said.

The night’s panoramic and historical perspectives were intentionally presented as a “yin” to the “yang” on behalf of his audience, who, in pursuit of a college degree, often are preoccupied with weekly assignments, readings, tests and other required daily work.

“These conversations need to happen, and it’s a fine line between maximizing profits and working hard to have a longer view of the world,” Gibb said. “If you only think shortsighted, it’s how you’ll always be. Let’s step back and see the big picture.”

His lasting snapshot: Conscious Capitalism can help end poverty, improve the quality of life and serve as a gateway to help underprivileged people become healthy, wealthy and wise.

“It’s why we want to bring in people to let (students) see it’s about freedom and providing different perspectives,” Gibb said. “This is why we’re here: to use business as a force for good.”

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