Antelope Intros: Cindy Lucio and Hayden M. Bennet

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Antelope Intros is a recurring GCU Today feature that introduces some of our new employees to the people around them in a way that is fun and informative. Employees are eligible to be featured in the month following their orientation.


CIndy Lucio

Cindy Lucio

Job title: Student services counselor

Job location: 27th Avenue

What attracted you to GCU? Mainly, the University’s Christian values. But in addition to that, purple is my favorite color!

What do you do for fun and where do you find that outlet?I love to travel, so I am always looking for vacation deals through different agencies online or building my own packages based on what is a better deal. I do all of my research online. Other than planning my next vacation, I like to watch movies, mainly at home with friends. My favorite movies are “A Walk to Remember” and all movies with Jason Statham and Vin Diesel.

What are you passionate about? Traveling, dolphins, cruises, bodies of water (mainly beaches and oceans), green scenery, historical buildings/monuments, coffee and education. I love to travel because I like to see all the beautiful places the world has to offer outside Arizona.

What are your favorite places or events in the Valley that you like to visit? I like to go to South Mountain, Estrella Mountain Park or nearby lakes. I like to reflect on the wonders and masterpieces that God created and plan for my next great adventure. I like to try out local coffee shops. And I like to attend DECA conferences as a volunteer. They give me different perspectives of the business world from the high school students’ eyes or mind, and it can be fascinating to see what our future looks like.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know: I don’t like to travel alone but still do it from time to time. Still, I prefer to go with someone that I know, such as a friend or family member. In my Mexican culture, traveling is not common, so it’s hard to get people on board for travel plans. My goal is 30 by 30: I want to visit 30 countries by the age of 30. Almost there! The best places I have visited have been Barcelona, Venice, Paris and the Bahamas (Half Moon Cay).

What are you most proud of? I have been able to set short term and long term goals and always have met those goals. I am very determined and dedicated and have come a long way. I can say that I have had to do a lot of things on my own, but even when times got tough, I never gave up.


Hayden Bennet

Hayden M. Bennet


Job title: University counselor

Job location: 27th Avenue

What attracted you to GCU? I’m enrolled as an MBA cohort student. I was learning all about servant leadership and Conscious Capitalism during my first course, so I decided to come work for a company that exemplifies both qualities.

What do you do for fun and where do you find that outlet? I am a photographer and love to set up pictures and capture the image I have in my mind. I love spending time with my wife and going to the movies! The more movies, the better.

What are you passionate about? Life in general! I am fiercely passionate about and protective of my family.

What are your favorite places or events in the Valley that you like to visit? Fox Cigar Bar (both in Chandler and in Scottsdale), Topgolf and any sporting events.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know: I worked in television right out of college. My B.A. was in Film and Media Production, so for about a year I moved to Los Angeles and worked for E! and ABC on various things. Most famous actors/actresses are terrible to be around, but there are a few exceptions.

What are you most proud of? I am a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona, and my little brother and I have been matched now for a full year. For those who don’t really know about BBBS, being a volunteer with BBBS means being matched with a “Little.” There are hundreds and hundreds of boys in Arizona who are on a waiting list to be matched with a “Big” (that’s me!). Some of the Littles don’t have fathers, and some have had fathers who’ve left or abused them. In any case, the Littles don’t have any sort of role model in their lives. They need someone that they can trust, who will look out for them and teach them about being a good person, a responsible citizen and a man. My Little and I have a fantastic relationship. He is doing great in his home and school life now, and I’m extremely proud of him!


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