Student Worker of the Month: Joey Marranca

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Joey Marranca displays Student Worker of the Month certificate.

Joey Marranca displays Student Worker of the Month certificate.

By Marette Hahn
Career IMPACT Center

Joey Marranca is a perfect illustration of finding and living one’s purpose from the beginning, and he’s also the Career IMPACT Center’s Student Worker of the Month for October.

An avid student of anatomy since he was 4 (yes, 4), Joey is a senior studying Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-Physician Assistant and is a default call representative in the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). No matter what he does, Joey’s enthusiasm is contagious, and he exemplifies Grand Canyon University’s mission, vision and values.

Yes, Joey really has been studying anatomy textbooks since he was a toddler; he was influenced greatly by the example of his father, a P.A. at the Mayo Clinic here in Arizona. While he says his father’s career did not impact his decision to become a P.A., it did positively reinforce what he already loved. He even had a chance to scrub in and open a chest cavity!

Joey’s goal is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, and he is well on his way with summers of being an intern and an assistant at the Mayo Clinic, as a member of GCU’s AzHOSA, and doing well in his major.

Not surprisingly, his homework load is heavy, but he still finds a way to balance schoolwork with working in OFA, playing intramural sports such as kickball, flag football and basketball, and even had a stint on the GCU bowling team.

“Joey is a quick learner and eager to do well. He is a natural caring and friendly individual, and he has adopted the principles of patience, tolerance and generosity” says Elise Williams, his supervisor in OFA.

It all started when Joey attended concerts, basketball games and a Discover GCU event as a high schooler. He knew he wanted to attend a Christian university, and GCU definitely fit the bill for him. In his time here at GCU, Joey has adapted and embodied GCU’s principles, and there’s no doubt he’ll be a shining star in the health care industry.

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