Career Services Student Worker of the Month: Mary Petree

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By Marette Hahn
GCU Career Services

If you’ve ever needed proof that effort is the key, look no further than Mary Petree, senior Psychology student and September’s Student Worker of the Month. As a Junior Enrollment Counselor in Tempe, Petree personifies the ideal work ethic everyone can learn from.

“I love studying the brain, I love studying human behavior — it’s really interesting to me. I love the classes, I don’t think there’s really any class I don’t enjoy here,” Petree said.

Mary Petree

Mary Petree

As a psychology major with aspirations to move on to an Industrial/Organizational Psychology graduate program, Petree is already applying what she’s learning to her student worker position.

“We talk with possible students and students a lot, so knowing how the brain works and taking a couple of counseling classes, it helps me know how to talk with them and understand where they’re coming from,” she said.

And understand where they’re coming from, she does! Petree is already averaging 10 appointments per month and has even enrolled six students as a result of her efforts – she performs as if she already has five years of experience. According to her nominator, Dan Slover, RDO of the Northeast Region, you would think she’s already a seasoned counselor.

Between her enrollment performance and going above and beyond helping Slover with numerous projects, Petree is recognized for giving it her all. Petree said she was raised to give 110% no matter what she’s doing by her parents who really pushed her to be her best. Additionally, she has watched all of the counselors at Tempe work hard and continue inspiring her to put in the extra effort.

With a strong family base — including her local grandmother, whom she loves to visit — a work ethic instilled in her by her parents, and her ability to flourish at GCU, Petree exemplifies what it means to work hard in school, apply what you’re learning in a student worker position, and (hopefully) have that lead to a prosperous career!

We look forward to watching you shine, Mary!

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  1. Anon

    Congratulations Mary Ellen!!! You are such a hard worker. You should be our next president.

    Oct.23.2016 at 10:04 pm
  2. Ellen

    What a wonderful inspiration! Wonderful job Mary!

    Oct.23.2016 at 10:49 pm
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