Summer Dance Intensive challenges budding artists

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GCU's Summer Dance Intensive starts July 11. Early bird registration ends Wednesday.

GCU’s Summer Dance Intensive starts July 11. Early bird registration ends Wednesday.

By Laurie Merrill
GCU News Bureau

Savannah Anderson was still debating college choices when she enrolled in GCU’s Summer Dance Intensive last year.

But after two weeks enjoying one of the most challenging and enlightening experiences of her dancing career, Anderson enrolled in GCU for the 2015-2016 school year.

“It was a very great intense program that was absolutely fantastic,” said Anderson, who is from California. “I loved the teachers, I loved the choreography, and I had a whole lot of fun being challenged in new ways and growing personally.”

GCU’s Summer Dance Intensive, which starts July 11, offers a variety of classes to blossoming artists who want a sampling of dance styles as well as chances to learn choreography and improvisation.


Dancers enjoying the 2015-2016 summer program. Photo by Tyler McDonald.

Dance students ages 14-24 with two consecutive years’ experience can opt for one or two weeks in the summer program, said Susannah Keita, director of dance at GCU’s College of Fine Arts and Production. Dancers ages 14-18 will spend the night in GCU residence halls in a sleep-away camp format while those ages 19-24 go home nightly, she said.

The program gives younger students a taste of University living while encouraging area dancers to come by and enjoy top-notch classes.

“It’s more than just dance,” Keita said. “It’s a real college experience.”

The packed schedule includes world dance, ballet, jazz and contemporary dance as well as classes on composition and dance exercise such as stretching, yoga and Pilates, Keita said.

Taught by dance faculty and guests and assisted by dance department student-teacher candidates, the high-level curriculum also acts as a recruitment catalyst, Keita said.

“It’s a program that attracts future dance students,” Keita said. “We have had students who came to the intensive and joined (the GCU) program.”

The camp also features an end-of-session performance at 4 p.m. July 22 in Ethington Theatre.

Early bird registration for GCU’s Summer Dance Intensive ends Wednesday. For registration and information, click here.

“It is a great deal,” Keita said. “It is half the price of anything comparable.”

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