Career Services: Building rapport and developing camaraderie, Part 2

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By Aysha Bell
GCU Career Services

Similar to the stress a new hire feels when entering a workplace, a hiring manager also can feel overwhelmed when an employee joins an organization. Hiring managers play an integral role in the onboarding of new staff.

Last month focused on how new hires could ease the transition into the workplace. This month will focus primarily on how a hiring manager can help new employees successfully integrate into an organization or company.

Step 1: Engage new staff

It is important to realize that a new employee can be extremely nervous starting a new position. Thoughts such as logistics, job expectations, company culture and more likely are consuming the new hire’s mind. Therefore, it is ideal to create a welcoming environment throughout the employee’s onboarding process.

Make sure the new staff member gets acquainted with teammates, management and any other key constituents. Also, don’t forget to discuss minute details such as where the restrooms and breakrooms are located along with any other necessary logistics.

It also might be an ideal time to learn more about the new employee, including their preferred management style (within reason), how they like to communicate (via email or phone) and any other pertinent details.

Step 2: Set clear expectations

Once new hires are acclimated, it is a great time to revisit the position requirements and expectations. Clear communication can ensure employee comprehension, and, ideally, encourage stronger performance.

Employees are hired to perform a job. That role has associated responsibilities in order for the company and/or department to function to its fullest capacity. Ideally, a hiring manager will have shared the expectations of the job during the interview process and gained a thorough understanding of the new employee’s background and how they are a best fit for the position. Now is the time to learn more about the new staff member, set goals, discuss the plan of action to attain those objectives and how evaluation will occur.

Step 3: Allow growth

Continue to revisit expectations throughout the employee’s tenure, ensuring that you clearly communicate any areas of opportunity for development while rewarding success. Additionally, hiring managers should feel proud of aptly hiring candidate(s) who are a strong fit for the company/department.

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