GCU Arena hosts four fall commencement ceremonies for Class of 2015

October 17, 2015 / by / 2 Comments

Photos by Darryl Webb
GCU News Bureau

Although the weather was at times a little frightful Friday and Saturday when Grand Canyon University hosted nearly 20,000 graduates, family members and friends in the Arena for fall commencement, there was no shortage of smiles and celebrations.

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  1. Rebecca Gallant

    I would just like to offer a word of appreciation to GCU for making the commencement ceremony so special. I walked in the Friday night ceremony, receiving my BA in English at age 48. I worked through the first two years as a single mom with three teenaged girls, then finished up my last year as a newlywed, trying to adjust to a new marriage and a blended family. And all the while teaching music full-time in a small Christian school and caring for my elderly mother. I never thought I would even care about being present for the graduation, but when I got to the end it suddenly became important to me, and my family and I made the trip all the way from Tennessee to be there. I was so impressed with how GCU honored us. Everywhere I went on campus, and even in the GCU hotel where we stayed, people congratulated me. The ceremony itself was done very well and the whole experience definitely made all my hard work seem worth it and made the sacrifices put forth to make the trip worth it as well. Thank you, GCU!!!

    Oct.22.2015 at 7:29 am
  2. Jennifer Njirich

    Talk about an awesome ceremony! The weather was such an exciting challenge that proved my families strength. We drove all the way from Northern California and got stuck behind the highway 58 mudslide and I-5 was closed from mudslides too. So we drove an extra 5 hours out of the way through the Sequoia National Forest, than another day through lightning, thunder, flash floods and dust storms. We almost got washed off the road a few times. It was very surreal because my family has been so strong and supportive as I have gotten through school and this experience just brought it to light.
    Thank you GCU!

    Jennifer Njirich

    Nov.05.2015 at 6:45 pm
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