ASGCU candidate profile: Cody Dumas and Slate Herman

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By Cooper Nelson
GCU News Bureau

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Grand Canyon University students will have the opportunity to vote for the 2015-16 Associated Students of GCU president and vice president.

This year’s presidential candidates are incumbent president Cody Dumas (with new vice presidential candidate Slate Herman) and Griffin Walker (with vice presidential candidate Jonny Van Ommering).

ASGCU will hold a political debate at 7 p.m. Monday on the second floor of the Student Union for students to learn each candidate’s platform and ask questions. Students can log into their student portals to vote until 5 p.m. Wednesday. Questions: email

Junior Cody Dumas (left) is running for re-election as ASGCU president with vice-presidential candidate sophomore Slate Herman.

Junior Cody Dumas (left) is running for re-election as ASGCU president with vice-presidential candidate sophomore Slate Herman.

Dumas, a junior digital film and production/communication major, was elected last year with 63 percent of the vote (with VP Matt Friesen) over the ticket of Ryan Pinkerton and Cal Miller. Herman, a sophomore business administration major, serves as ASGCU public relations director.

Below are Dumas’ responses to GCU Today’s questions about platform. Click here for Walker’s responses.

What changes would you like to see at GCU next year?

I would like to see a school where students feel connected and aware of what is taking place. To accomplish this, I believe it is important to give students the opportunity to be heard.

How will you serve as a mediator between students and the administration?

If re-elected, my No. 1 priority is to be the voice of the students and share questions, concerns, ideas, etc., with the administration and departments on campus.

This year on ASGCU, we have established three venues of communication: the new senate, town hall forums and student committees. I plan to continue utilizing these distinct vessels of communication to serve as a mediator between the students and the administration.

What are some initiatives you would like to accomplish next year if re-elected as student body president?

In addition to continuing what we have started this year on ASGCU, I plan on incorporating and implementing new services at GCU to make the student experience an exciting one. If elected, we want to pursue creating programs such as laptop rentals, safe ride, new student health initiatives and appropriations for clubs and organizations.

In what areas do you feel students are being underserved on campus?

I believe students do not feel that they are connected with the changes taking place at GCU. Students want to have a part in the decisions that are made to create a better experience for their time here and for future students.

What experience do you possess that you believe makes you an ideal candidate to represent the GCU community?

With my current experience as student body president, I believe that I am the ideal candidate to represent the GCU student body. I have worked this year at building strong relationships with our administration and different departments on campus so we can be utilized in the capacity that we are supposed to be. At its core, a government exists to represent its people and that is exactly what I seek to do. Having built these strong relationships, I have the opportunity to represent and serve my people.

What do you believe voters need to know about you?

It is my hope that voters know my intent. I am not doing this because I feel deserving. I am not doing this because I like the title. I am doing this because I truly care for the student body. It is my passion to create the opportunity for every student to feel heard and know they matter.

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