Career Services Student Worker of the Month: Claire Hamlin

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By Marette Hahn
GCU Career Services

Claire Hamlin, a student worker in GCU's Antelope Reception Center, is one of the University's best goodwill representatives.

Claire Hamlin, a student worker in GCU’s ARC, is one of the University’s best goodwill representatives.

Spend one minute with Claire Hamlin, and you experience the essence of Grand Canyon University’s culture. As an Antelope Ambassador in the Antelope Reception Center, Hamlin engages with prospective students to ensure they have a great experience on campus.

“I love meeting people from everywhere and getting their story. And then telling my story and my experience here,” she said.

As a junior in the elementary education program, Hamlin’s love for people and her energy and desire to help foster children truly shine. She hopes to make a difference to foster kids who may not have experienced much love.

When she’s not working, eating or exercising at the gym, Hamlin is at every event GCU has to offer. Her supervisor and nominator, Seth Maiden, has the perfect name for it – “event life.” Whenever staff members are not familiar with an event, they ask Hamilin because they know she has experienced it already.

“Claire’s really easy to get along with, really easy to talk to … she’s a leader; a lot of tour guides look up to her. She exemplifies a lot of what we want in GCU students and student workers,” Maiden said.

With goals of going abroad for a few years and eventually settling in Texas, we know she’ll represent GCU’s culture to everyone she meets.

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