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Mike Vaught, Grand Canyon University’s new vice president of athletics, is well known among his peers, who say he has a passion for student-athletes, a stellar record as an administrator and a successful career as a coach. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work in concert with Mike during my tenure as the head football coach at Rice University. Mike is a talented administrator whose expertise will greatly benefit GCU.  His background as a coach, fundraiser and executive in the private sector provide him with a broadly-developed leadership skill set.  Mike is a person who is passionate about intercollegiate athletics and most importantly, the student-athletes and their collegiate experience. Penni and I welcome Karri and Mike to our fine community.” — Todd Graham, ASU football coach

“Mike Vaught is a home run hire for Grand Canyon University. As both an administrator and a coach, Mike knows how to build and sustain winning programs. His vision, leadership qualities and interpersonal skills are an ideal fit for GCU.” — Chris Del Conte, director of athletics, TCU

“Mike Vaught is a tremendous athletic administrator and will be a terrific fit at Grand Canyon University. His coaching background gives him a unique platform to help his coaches and student-athletes reach their full potential.” – Fran Fraschilla, ESPN college basketball analyst

“Mike is a terrific selection to be the VP of Athletics at Grand Canyon University. He has developed a solid career in intercollegiate athletics as a coach and an administrator. His judgment is sound and based on a foundation of good core values.” – Dutch Baughman, executive director, Division 1A Athletic Directors Association

“Mike is the right man at the right time for Grand Canyon University. I worked with Mike when he was a successful football coach at the U.S. Naval Academy and later as a trusted senior athletics administrator at SMU. Add Mike’s most recent success as a senior corporate executive at AdvoCare, and you have a multi-talented, proven leader to help guide GCU athletics as it grows into NCAA Division I.” – Steve Orsini, former director of athletics, SMU and University of Central Florida

“Mike is well prepared to lead this athletics program. He has tremendous and varied experience that will serve him well. He is a rising star and will be successful.” – Britton Banowsky, commissioner, Conference USA

“Mike is a tremendous hire for GCU. He has a unique background of understanding what makes sports happen from the locker room to the board room. He is the perfect leader to move GCU athletics forward in a big way.” – Bryan Sperber, president, Phoenix International Raceway

“Mike is truly a very creative and innovative leader. He is a role model is so many ways, from his focus on faith to his focus on developing young people athletically and academically. He has an amazing track record as a coach, as an administrator and as a business leader. He always seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to helping programs and businesses put their best foot forward.” – Dr. Jerry Punch, sportscaster for ESPN and ABC

“Mike Vaught has truly made a difference in the lives of U.S. Navy SEALs and their families through his tireless efforts with the SEAL Legacy Foundation. Grand Canyon University has hired an outstanding leader and patriot for its athletics department.” – Mark McGinnis, U.S. Navy SEAL commander and managing director of SEAL Legacy Foundation

“The job he did at SMU with June Jones was second to none. They had some of their best seasons together. We have spent a lot of time with Mike in his role at AdvoCare. He has been a tremendous visionary in terms of how he we have associated with AdvoCare and the Cowboys and AT&T Stadium. I think you have found an ace and a No. 1 guy who will do great things for your university.” – Stephen Jones, chief operating officer, Dallas Cowboys

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