GCU’s new tech degrees – skill sets and career opportunities

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By Michael Ferraresi
GCU Today Magazine

Here’s a glimpse at the types of careers Grand Canyon University’s new degree programs in computer science and informational technology could lead students into over the next several years:

B.S. in Computer Science


Students from GCU’s computer science program could go on to work as computer programmers, software developers and simulation designers.

Emphasis in Big Data Analytics 

— Students learn how to mine massive data sets, which helps companies track customer preferences, identify trends with patient treatments and tailor programs to specific groups.

— Database managers and administrators serve an integral role understanding the story buried in millions of lines of data.

Emphasis in Business Entrepreneurship

— Technology project management helps computer experts understand the business end of taking their innovations to market.

— Entrepreneurial development of new tech products or services can lead to start-up companies or opportunities with existing companies.

Emphasis in Game and Simulation Development

— Skills in graphic visualization, computer modeling, mobile application development and artificial intelligence equip students to create video games and virtual simulations.

— Simulation programmers and other roles in gaming or virtual reality modeling are in demand in a variety of industries.

These days some information technology jobs earn a median salary of more than $120,000.

These days some information technology jobs earn a median salary of more than $120,000.

B.S. in Information Technology

Emphasis in Business Entrepreneurship

— Understanding IT project management ensures that companies or startups have a controllable hardware or cloud computing infrastructure to conduct business.

— Blending skills with business savvy could set an entry-level student apart in various tech industries.

Emphasis in Health Information Technology

— Health informatics and IT-driven health care require specialists trained in using technology to help medical professionals assist patients.

— Patient records, data from medical devices and complex health care computer networks provide areas where students can develop expertise.

Emphasis in Technology Innovation

— The ability to identify how technology can improve commercial functions is valuable in any industry or with any organization – including those dedicated to the greater good, such as international non-profits.

— Students who have a degree with this emphasis could land in jobs related to the analysis of hardware or software and how those tools allow businesses to function.

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