It’s not too late to win in Walking Challenge

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By Rick Vacek
GCU News Bureau

If you’ve been a regular participant in the GCU Team Walking Challenge, don’t stop now – the rewards could be even greater.

And if you had the best intentions but have become walking challenged, it’s time to get moving again – you still could win some nice prizes.

The two-month competition is down to its final three weeks and its final challenge. The first goal was for your team to sign up and register your results daily. The second challenge was to walk the equivalent of a hike to Tucson. The third challenge was to go to the Grand Canyon.

And now? Go west, young man and young woman. Go west even if you aren’t so young. This time, in a competition that began Monday, April 21, we’re headed to San Diego, a distance of 299 miles if you walked in a straight line.

But this challenge isn’t just a singular opportunity. After the final day of the competition (May 10), we also will hand out overall awards.

The prizes will mostly be surprises: Subway coupons, and other rewards to be determined. As before, if multiple teams reach the goal of the San Diego challenge, a drawing will determine the winner.

The winner of the third challenge was Team Walking Dead. Each member of that team won a GCU gym bag.

It is critical to log in your results each day at It only takes a minute or two to log your steps, and no matter whether you are vacuuming or running marathons, every step counts.

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