Chapel: Learning patience in an irascible world

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By Janie Magruder
GCU News Bureau

Dean of Students Pastor Tim Griffin (Photo by Darryl Webb)

Dean of Students Pastor Tim Griffin (Photo by Darryl Webb)

We may live in different times than did Jesus’ disciples, but we share at least one characteristic – impatience with waiting on the Lord’s time, Dean of Students Pastor Tim Griffin told Monday’s Chapel audience.

“Sometimes when God goes to work in our lives, our expectation and our hope is that He’ll just fix it like that, He’ll make us whole and pure in a moment,” Griffin said. “Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. The Lord lets you limp and stumble along and go through a process of growth, and He is giving you the opportunity to express your faith anew.”

Reading from Mark 8:22-26, Griffin told the story of Jesus healing the blind man in Bethsaida. By then, Jesus’ disciples had seen Him do many “instant miracles,” among them, turning water into wine, feeding thousands of people from a small amount of food and raising people from the dead. They were perplexed when the Lord seemingly took His time with this blind man, first spitting in his eyes, which resulted in him seeing men “like trees walking around.” Jesus then touched the man’s eyes and restored his sight.

Griffin said we all have frustrating moments when “God is not doing it for us, and your life is out of focus like trees.” But God is not finished with us yet, and Griffin encouraged patience while His work continues.

“Don’t think Jesus has given up on you,” he said. “As frustrated as you may be, as impatient as you are for this to be done, take a deep breath and trust Him. He is shaping and molding you to be the person He would have you be.”

Monday’s Chapel was the first this year to be held in Antelope Gym. The relocation was necessary due to the closure of the Arena for construction. Here is the Chapel schedule for the rest of the semester:

March 10 – Jeff Gokee, Phoenix One

March 17 – no Chapel (spring break)

March 24 – Brian Mueller

March 31 – Bart Millard, MercyMe

April 7 – Tim Griffin, last chapel of the semester

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  1. Pastor Paul Moss

    I think that is a great topic and needs to be taught and preached because God is not a microwave God. It is the first message I actually took the time out to read through and it helped me come up with a sermon to preach on this upcoming Youth Sunday, enjoyed it.

    Mar.06.2014 at 2:43 am
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