Slideshow: 27th Avenue office Christmas decorations

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At the 27th Avenue Office Center, the sea of cubicles is dominated by a festive “chimney” created by ‘Lopes specialists Halezka Mullenbach and Paul Yousif.

The employees of less than one year won their team’s award for top Christmas decorations. The design encloses the pair’s shared space in bricklike wrapping paper, shutting them behind a “fireplace door” that looks like an entry point for Santa. The chimney also provides a little more privacy in the busy workplace.

“It’s kind of peaceful, but if one of us isn’t here, it gets kind of lonely,” Mullenbach said. “It’s kind of funny when the managers try to come in through the fireplace door.”

Aside from the chimney, other 27th Avenue decorations include mini purple Christmas trees, gingerbread houses and a wintry igloo village disguising the everyday workplaces of nine QA employees who may have improved on their decorating performance from last year’s cube village at Camelwest, which had few decorations this year.

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