Hats Off to the New Graduates: Best Messages Via Mortarboard

May 03, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

Much like the familiar notes of “Pomp and Circumstance,” it’s not commencement without some creative cap-and-gown statements. Campus photographer Darryl Webb captured a few of the best messages via mortarboard.


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  1. Carol Walton

    I was very disappointed after working so hard on my Masters degree in Psychology and finally obtaining it, to find out that GCU does not acknowledge graduates whom do not attend the ceremony.I do not live close and because I am broke, I could not attend. I would like to recommend that GCU start giving credit where credit is due, by announcing those graduates whom couldn’t attend the ceremony. Yes, it may take a few extra minutes, but it would make those of us sitting at home who couldn’t attend, at least feel like we belong there and have not been forgotten.

    May.04.2013 at 9:21 pm
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