Un-Valentine’s Day Parties Planned This Week on Campus

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By Bob Romantic
GCU News Bureau

The women on the fourth and fifth floors of Prescott Hall don’t hate Valentine’s Day.

They don’t even dislike members of the opposite sex.

But they’ll be rejoicing in a Un-Valentine’s Day party of sorts tonight at McKinley Hall.

The movie "Valentine's Day" inspired residents of Prescott Hall to create their own Un-Valentine's Day party tonight at McKinley Hall.

“A lot of people get too caught up in Valentine’s Day and feel bad if they don’t have a date,” said Erin Paradis, a resident assistant at Prescott Hall who is helping organize the party. “This gives them something to do that is more empowering if they don’t have a significant other.”

Similar parties are planned this week at Camelback Hall and the North Rim Apartments.

For Prescott Hall’s party, Paradis said they’ll have plenty of junk food, chocolate, a flower-shaped piñata and some time to watch a movie – most likely “Valentine’s Day.”

“In the movie, they have one character who has an anti-Valentine’s Day party every year,” said Hillary Olsker, who is also a resident assistant at Prescott. “Her party is kind of dark with black decorations and stuff. We don’t want it to be morbid. We decided to take that and make it a little more fun. We’ll still have red and pink, and we’ll play games with balloons filled with empowering messages and uplifting quotes about love and empowerment.

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“We still like Valentine’s Day. A lot of girls just don’t have significant others,” Olsker added, adding that the ratio of guys to girls on campus “is like 7 to 1. There’s not a lot of lucky girls on this campus.”

Paradis said the party is also open to those who do have significant others and plans for later in the week.

“Even if you have date on Valentine’s Day, you can still come to our party and have some fun.”

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    What a great idea! I love that it is going to be a fun event!

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